Friday, February 29, 2008

YELLING at my T.V.

WHAT?!#%^ America is clearly not intelligent enough to pick talent. I was so mad! I was just getting ready to post how Alexandrea (voted off) was my 2nd pick to win. She is an amazing voice, a fantastic personality...she had it all (behind David Archuletta of course - my FAVORITE). But MAN! I am still mad....rocker girl is so bad I feel sorry for her. It is Sanjaya take two. ugh.



Potty training is exhausting.

We've been working on potty training on and off with Lauren for probably half a year or more. After much research and hearing a lot of advice from other mothers, I ended up buying two inserts for the normal-sized toilets. These worked well - she went on them fairly often...but usually when prompted - not on her own. Now that she's 2 1/2 yrs old I'm up-ing the effort a little. I bought an actual potty chair the other night. I thought this would be helpful because she can get on and off it by herself (sometimes I"m busy with the baby!). Well, ever since she's been walking around dropping her drawers every few minutes. She picks up that chair, moves it all around the house, puts stickers on it....she's in love with it. And guess what? Yesterday she wore actual underpants andhad ZERO accidents! (excluding nap and bedtime of course).
When we weren't trying that hard, she'd get a treat when she'd "go." Maybe a sucker or an M&M....but now that she's going A LOT...I didn't want to keep giving her sugar. SO I headed to the Dollar Tree yesterday to pick up some crap to put in the "potty prize basket." Stickers, erasers, plastic rings....incentive is working.

Grant is napping a little better now, but only when swaddled tight. He never used to require that - is that odd for a 5-month-old to suddenly need to be swaddled?

Bailey is taking guitar lessons from a guy who taught someone from SlipKnot. (nice). I don't care who he taught - just don't teach her to play that kinda stuff, ok? While she & Mark were at their guitar lessons last night, I invited my parents over for dinner. We had a really nice time - mostly laughing at Lauren. That girl LOVES to entertain! Of course with Grandma & Grandpa here she had a VERY captive and easily-amused audience.

Tonight Bailey has another show choir competition. So far this season they have placed 1st and then 2nd at competitions. We'll see how tonight goes. The prep-work for girls is pretty extensive. Since her competition is this afternoon, that meant we had to roll her hair last night (up til Midnight - after lessons and homework), cover it up in a bandana (Jemima style) and the girls wear their hair like that to school. I am picking her up at Noon to pick out her hair into big loose curls (Lord, hear my prayer), help her with stage makeup, get costumed and then drive her to the competition. Shwew! The boys just need to get dressed - done. Life is not fair.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 Months Old

Today you are five months old. As usual, I can't believe it. Sometimes it seems like you should still be a newborn and other times it feels like so much longer - and why haven't I gotten MY act together yet? Oh you are getting fun, Grant. Your smiles are infectious, flirtatious and darn-right ADORABLE! You definitely know how to light up a room, buddy. And your eyes! They smile just as big. There is a sparkle in your eye - a joy that shines out of those (currently) baby blues.
In your 4th month you learned how to roll over, giggle more and more, babble a lot (you have a lot of very serious things to say to us - world views no doubt) and started rice cereal and then stopped (didn't digest well...we'll try again this month). You have been able to enjoy more toys now - your exersaucer, your Bumbo, your swing, lying on a blanket on the floor, your papasan....lots of options now that you have good head control. When you really concentrate on grabbing something or just studying something new you have this cute way of forming your lips into a circle - so studious, you are.

Your big sister, Bailey REALLY cracks you up. In fact, she's the only one that can get you to REALLY bust out in a fully uncontrollable giggle. Your little big sister, Lauren - well you love her quite a bit too. She can't WAIT for you to get bigger so you can play with her. She often tries now. I'll find you in your Papasan with plastic food and tea party stuff piled all around you. Man - I really can't turn my back for long - shwew.
You are lovin' your Daddy too these days. Before long you'll be wrestling on the floor together and ganging up on the girls in the house.
I love watching you grow - even though it is too much too soon. You are a wonderful baby, Grant. You COULD nap a little bit better (not like your sisters there!)...but are absolutely perfect. I think I need to go scoop you up right this second and kiss me some Grant neck, belly, cheeks. I love you, baby Grant!

American Idol - Winner Predicted

This kid can SING! Holy cow - I've watched this performance at least 10 times since last night and just can't get enough of it. I am ready to buy his album (which he doesn't have yet)....He's gonna win this year - and if he doesn't....all is wrong. Tune for David Archuleta....his talent surpasses all the others - even the women. Wow. Now I'm gonna go watch it again. =-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is my very first "Tackle It Tuesday" hosted by 5MinutesForMom - and boy did I need that kick in the pants to get me going! Take a look at my first project - kitchen counters (well, I think there are counters under there! But guess what? - tackled and TOUCHDOWN!

Here's the "Before"

And here are the "AFTER" shots (there is one counter picture missing - but trust me - it too was cleared...honest!)

The Ultimate Blog Party

5MinutesForMom will be hosting the Ultimate Blog Party from March 7-14th.This party is an excellent way to get your blog noticed, win some fab prizes & also make some new friends!The way a blog party works is by having one blog host the event (5MinutesForMom) and then having all party action centralized at their blog. You leave comments & your blog information and others will click on your blog and visit you & your post(s) during the party week.You can also win some really great prizes! Stop by 5MinutesForMom for more information and get ready to party!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday: Lasagna, garlic bread, salad

Tuesday: Taco Salad

Wednesday: French Toast/Bacon or Sausage

Thursday: Pork Chop/Hashbrown Casserole

Friday: Gone - will eat at show choir competition

Saturday: Pizza

Sunday: Hamburger/Rice Casserole
Thanks to for hosting!
OSCARS!!! I love watching the Oscars for the fashions, of course...because it is rare that I actually get out to the movies. The Mom of 'Em may not be able to fashionably dress herself these days, but she DOES have an eye for fashion...on OTHER people. Last year, I picked THESE as the best dressed.

And this year? Helen wins it again! Man that lady can dress! Beautiful, elegant...age-appropriate...but STUNNING! Her look would be fantastic on any age. Absolutely LOVED her gown...and just when I thought I was going to lose my mind if I saw one more stinkin' red gown. The photos here don't do it justice - on-camera it was absolutely gorgeous!
Here are a few of my other picks for best-dressed:
(The dress is pretty - but for the love of pete - EAT, girl!)
(I like this dress - minus the slit...but this picture doesn't show good gown in my opinion...maybe not so much for a pastey-white like Renee...but good dress anyway)And the WORST dressed:
(just because you have big boobs doesn't mean the world wants to see them resting on a snake-skin shelf)

(YAWN! And wasn't the crinkly/scrunched look from the 80's? Dreadfully boring dress...bad color, bad style, bad length....and what the heck is on your arms?)(Channeling Ariel here I guess)

(Scary - all the way around - just scary)

(I don't hate the gown - but the color? if that even IS a color....horrible. I think she chose that shade because it is the same color as spit-up...and she hasn't gotten dolled-up much since her son was born).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fight The Frump - No More Shlumpadinkas!

I just finished watching yesterday’s Oprah – “Shlumpadinka Makeovers.” You know the look (well – I do, anyway)….”dressy” sweatpants, over-sized sweatshirts, Mom jeans (gasp!). In this episode, several “schlumpadinka Moms” were given wardrobe makeovers. Although they primarily shopped at affordable stores, the looks created still take a big chunk of change. Maybe you can’t afford the $80-some dollar perfect fitted white cotton button-down shirt from Brooks Brothers, but you CAN take the must-have make-up advice from Oprah’s experts. (follow link below).

SOOOOO… effort to help all of you (and I’m soo with you on this my sistahs) fight the schlumpadinkas…..I wanted to remind you that concealer, lip gloss and a little cheek color are an incredibly affordable start to fighting the frump. Go to and look around. I have some INCREDIBLE lip glosses that’ll kick-start your own schlumpadinka makeovers. Once you’ve looked over the lip gloss colors, the concealers, the cheek colors and more – email me your favorites and I’ll place your order (or leave me a comment with how I can reach you) – you’ll be a fump-fightin’ mama in less than 2 weeks time. =-)

Put the word “schlumpadinka” in the subject line of your email to me and I’ll take 10% off of your order of $25 or more.

Thanks for taking a look!
I don't have a perfect marriage - who does? But I will say that I have an absolutely amazing husband. Even when he's annoying he's good. How can you be mad at a man who truly tries - darn near ALWAYS - to be a good show me how much he loves fix any wrongs that he's aware of. Oh - he's a good one. Last night he stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work to pick up milk, coffee & OJ so I didn't have to go out with the kids to get it. He also bought this....which was not on my shopping list.Anyway..when I was snapping the photo I was thinking about what I had to pick up today while running errands...and as I was going through that mental checklist of brand-names...I thought...hmmm...if Mark were a brand, what would his slogan be? So here it is...
My husband: Making other women jealous since 2004

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I just found a Polly-Pocket-sized watering can floating in my Diet Coke. Hmmm.. LAUREN!!!!!
Yesterday afternoon/early evening, Grant started screaming...SCREAMING. Not just crying, not just mad - but SCREAMING. He was sticking his hand into his mouth while doing so. I started to wonder if maybe he had an ear infection? A sore throat? He hasn't been nursing well the last couple weeks - so I thought maybe that would add up if his ears hurt...who knows, but the inconsolable screaming paired with my sinus/cold thing, mixed with a complete and total lack of effecient sleep had me near breakdown. Of course it was now 4:30 or so....and where are you going to get a Dr. appointment at that hour. So I asked Bailey to watch Lauren while I bundled up the boy to take him to walk-in clinic. We arrived just before 5 be told that walk-in hours don't begin until 6 p.m. (just imagine what happened next......scroll down)...

You got it. I cried. Now he's crying AND I'm crying. Can't someone - ANYONE just take a peek into his ears? Give me the darn ear-looky instrument and I'll see. But noooooo...and of course, since he's a healthy mere 4-month-old...he's never been to a walk-in clinic before...which means he's a NEW PATIENT...and isn't that so much fun. Here's your 1/2-inch thick stack of fill it out and come back in an hour. (At this point I'm pretty sure I'll need to be seen too...for a script of some sort of anti-depressant).

So I bundled him up again - walked back outside in the BELOW friggin' ZERO temperatures and started driving. I didn't want to go home, unload him, change him just to have to turn right around and come I drove. And thank goodness...he finally fell asleep. He stayed asleep for the duration of my 1.5 hour wait...that's ONE AND A HALF HOURS of waiting...even though I was the absolute FIRST walk-in patient in the waiting room.

So we are finally seen - they make me strip him naked to weigh him (is that really necessary....he doesn't FEEL WELL!) he's really ticked off...and hungry now....and I'm very near a breakdown.

We are finally seen by a nurse or a physician's assistant - heck I don't know - but at least she has the ear-looky thing and a perscription pad...good 'nuff. She looks in both ears and says the left one seems kinda pink. Now - thankfully my kids haven't battled ear infections very much - but when they have - it has always been - WOW - that's really red...or....really infected...or fluid in there...something more than "kinda pink." So now I'm pretty sure his problem isn't ears (which is good AND bad)...but she writes a perscription anyway under the theory that it has been going on awhile - and if she's wrong - one course of antibiotics isn't going to make him resistant.

So now I don't I give him the antibiotic? Do I make another appointment with his REAL doctor? Do I assume it is teething and proceed with seeing someone for an antidepressant for myself?

What a miserable evening.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grant - 4 Months Old

On the way home from "school" today, Lauren said: "Mommy? Let's find the Diet Coke house." Is this like a crack house? It is for me, I guess. =-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pine Sol, Elton John, Raisins and What That Has To Do With Our Weekend....

Lauren & I went to Wal-Mart Saturday morning because we're we needed a few groceries before the snow/ice started(has it ever stopped since Winter began?). While there, Lauren got a pair of sunglasses. She's so annoying...I mean cute with them! The girl LOVES them! She especially loves to wear them with her furry hot pink (pimp) hat. When she does this, sort of resemles Elton John, don't ya think? She carries them (leaves them lay) EVERYWHERE she goes and tries to put them on everyone. Really glad I bought them (NOT).
When we got home from Wal-Mart, the whole house smelled like Pine Sol (my favorite!). Turns out my dear husband swept and mopped the dining room and kitchen floors while we were out (hot-diggety dog!) There is absolutely nothing - I mean NOTHING sexier than a man who does the floors.

Ok - on to Sunday. I know on this blog I mostly brag about how cute and smart my kids are (annoying, I know).....but not today. Here's the story. Lauren wanted a snack (what's new). Finally we've convinced her that something healthy is ok to have as a snack. So there she was, sitting quietly (only happens when eating) eating her raisins, watching "her show" when all of a sudden she gets a funny look on her face - almost like she's choking. Then she starts sneezing several times. She runs over to Mark and then proclaims "I'vah raisin in my nose." Lord, Almighty! Remember my brilliant 2-yr-old that can identify capital letters, colors and basic shapes? The one we've boasted as a GENIUS? Yeah - she stuck a raisin up her nose...far up her nose. Nice. Why? you may ask? Because she could. Here it is - in the Kleenex...and Lauren's stunned look. (just about when you start wondering what you might blog about).
After the raisin rescue, we moved on to the rest of our Sunday, which included lots of laundry, lots of lying around/tv watching, lots of "pretend play" with 2-yr-old, lots of diapers - and for Mark - Lots of snow removal - thanks, honey! (by FAR one of the biggest perk of married life - no more boy jobs for me!)

We also had to protect the little one from Lauren - she doesn't mean to hurt him, but she is DESPERATE for him to play with her! (read: to boss him around and make him be the dog when she plays house, be the student when she plays school, sit there and be still while she dresses him up, etc. poor boy). Found him this way at one point. After the brief lesson to Lauren about never doing that to Grant again - I just HAD to take a couple pictures of our little "Levon." ha.And finally I'll leave you with a cutie-pie picture of my little man during "tummy time." I have several more REALLY cute pictures - but I need to figure out Photoshop so you don't have to look at his eye boogers (darn tear duct!).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mark bought this shirt for Grant for Valentine's Day....because he didn't want him to feel left out in the redneck shirt department. Remember this one? You can't let that boy alone in a Wal-Mart - sheesh!
Yes, folks - I apparently married the only redneck PhD out there. Nice.

My Funny Valentines

I let Mark choose our dinner menu for Valentine's Day....he chose Lasagna. As the day wore on...this didn't seem like the perfect way to show how much I love him. (seemed extremely too hard and I didn't want to go to the grocery store)....SO....
(that's supposed to look like a heart). He didn't seem to mind the menu change.

I'm not sure Lauren napped yesterday - she "woke up" ornery! (I wanted to give her away for awhile). So we thought we'd get the Valentine's Day gifts out of the way before she melted down even more. Here are a few pics of the kids and their gifts.

(yes - that's me in total HEADBAND hair - get over least I'm IN the picture for once)

And finally, I've come up with a chore chart that I like. I found the days of the week notepad at Big Lots for $2 (it was on an end cap that said it should be HALF-OFF....making it $1...but of course they told me that wasn't right at the checkout. I'm still not liking Big Lots today - can ya tell?). Anyway - I bought 2 pads and got to work making the chore chart. I dusted off my Cricut and started it a-chirping. I used the George font for anyone interested (doubt it....that implies readership...ha). Now all I have to do is fill it in (the fun part - wah-ha-ha-ha).
Have a great Friday!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night I thought I'd put Mark's Valentine's Day gifts in his truck, so when he opened the gifts this morning he'd start the work day in a great mood. Well, at 10 p.m. or so last night he decided he wanted to get some paperwork done...paperwork that was in his his truck. grrr. So I tried to have Bailey distract him while I ran out to the garage, removed his gifts from the truck, put them in the van and hurried back in. He knew something was up - but this morning - no gifts. So, I loaded up the kids, took Bailey to school, dropped off cookies and a Valentine for Grandma & Grandpa and headed over to Mark's work (he had an early morning Dr. appt.). I found one of his co-workers in the parking lot and asked if he would carry it in and put it in his office. Shwew - mission accomplished. He was surprised and called me right away to thank me.

THEN...I ran a few errands - one at Big Lots to pick up an Eddie Bauer car seat (22-80lbs) for $60 - BARGAIN! Except now that I look at the ad again, I got the wrong thing - the Safety 1st seat is Monday I guess. Lord I hate that store. Anyway - further reason to hate that place - their system declined my debit card...twice. Ugh. After a call to the bank it was determined that the bank was approving the transaction and the Big Lots system was reversing it. I explained this to the clerk........silence....ok then...guess I'll go get cash and come back. Good thing that was a good deal on a car seat or I would have left it all there.

I wish ALL of my valentine's were home today, but Bailey is at school and Mark is at work. That leaves me with my two little Valentines. Look at my chunky little man! He's growing so big! He scratched his face up last night - and I can't find which fingernail was the culprit. Anyway - I'll take pictures tonight of ALL of my valentines and of our Valentine's Day meal and the kids with their small gifts and will post tomorrow. Here's Lauren's Valentine's Day lunch In the meantime, I hope all of you have a Happy Valentine's Day.