Thursday, January 13, 2011

Soon we are getting together with my Dad's side of the family for Christmas. Yes, it's mid-January...but it's the only time my brother can make it. Ye who lives farthest wins. I'm SOOO excited to see my nephews! All four of them! I'm especially excited to meet my newest nephew, EJ. He was born in September and I haven't held him yet! Horrible!

It will be a 24-hour gathering (wish that was a joke). We'll drive about 5 hours there, stay 24 hours and head right on back. The kids will be out-of-control. As Oprah says, "This I know for sure." We are going HERE and staying in one of the villas. Now that is my kind of "camping!" A waterpark AND amusement park indoors? My kids are going to go NUTS! And a Bears game with the whole Schlafer side of the family? AWESOME! (please win, please win)

I have a million things to do before we leave. Wrap gifts, pack, finish MAKING gifts, cook breakfasty stuff to share, etc.

I'm actually sewing a gift for my Grandma (and hopefully Grandpa too if I have time). I do NOT know how to sew. If it weren't for online tutorials, I wouldn't even know how to thread my machine! I found this great tutorial (perfect for grandparents) at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar. It LOOKS simple, but I didn't have anything circular in the house that was 22 in. in diameter to use as a template. Enter: math. (strike ONE against sewing). I finally figured it out and had my material cut and ready to sew. THEN she says to iron. IRON?! (strike TWO for sewing). I can't believe I didn't quit right there. Ironing +math=my personal hell. But I pressed on (get it? iron.."pressed" on? ha ha). My stitching is horrible, there isn't enough rice in one section....but it resembles the example given! SUCCESS! AND it's heated and around my neck as I'm typing this. It works! Here's my version:

I bought the fabric last summer at a garage sale for 75 cents. (score!) I skipped the button closure on this puppy though. The weight of the rice inside holds it in place, so I'm not messing with any sort of closure on it.

In other news, I happened upon Target's 75% off toy clearance this morning. We are now set for Valentine's Day, Easter and birthday parties....under $85 spent. GREAT deals on some very nice things. I'm so happy I shopped ahead last summer at Target's SUMMER toy clearance - I only purchased one toy this Christmas. The rest came from my secret hiding place in the basement. Although I'm totally toy-ed out after Christmas and cleaning/purging old toys, I knew if I didn't pick up some things now, I'd really regret it later.

Well, back to sewing. Happy Friday!

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