Thursday, December 28, 2006

I have a wonderful family. They really try (99%of the time) to make me happy. In fact, if I would strive for the same percentage when it came to my efforts to make THEM happy, we'd have a much more pleasant home environment. Not only did I have a wonderful Christmas full of thoughtful and wonderful gifts, but a room full of JOY all day long. Ok - well most all day long. There was my morning tantrum because my husband peed before getting the baby from her crib and that I had to stop my manic pre-dawn cooking and stocking preparations to go tend to her. And then there was my Christmas dinner preparation meltdown. But hey - let's face it - a LOT of pressure rides on the Mom on such occasions. And although I appreciate the willingness of my family to help out - I can't help but wish they just innately knew what to pitch in with instead of waiting for me to TELL them what I need help with. I don't think mind reading in these situations is unreasonable, do you?