Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't you hate it when a meal goes awry? (is that how you spell that?! wierd)...anyway - I skipped lunch today (not intentionally) and am just now sitting down to eat dinner (8:30 p.m.). I set out to make a taco salad (mmmm)....I heated up hamburger, put my lettuce in there.....some shredded cheese....and then realized I didn't have salsa...or anything resembling a taco flavor. So, basically I am now eating lettuce with ground beef. Whatever - I'm hungry.
I thought David Letterman's criticism of John McCain was a little harsh. I won't be voting for McCain in November, but I don't think he deserved THAT. Sure, it looks like he didn't handle the situation very well from a PR standpoint, but criticism is different than a full-blown attack. I think David Letterman abused his "celebrity" on this one. Even though it seems most "celebrities" favor my candidate, it really bugs me that they use their "celebrity" to influence others. There are just enough dim-witted registered voters (I still think there should be a test before you get a ballot - ha) out there who would vote for Mickey Mouse if Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad or Chris Rock told them to do so.

Now - what do I personally think about the issue? I'm still sorting it out - but I do have a few opinions:

1. The thought of another "Great Depression" or anything even close to that leaves me shaking in my boots. We just sold our house....we just bought a new one....I don't know how to bake bread or make my own soap. I would not know how to take care of my family if I had to "live off the land." I'm of the generation where Home-Ec was cut from my school's budget - deemed an unnecessary.

2. I think something needs to be done. I don't like that the financial burden of a bailout falls on the taxpayer - but what's the alternative? I am just praying that this "fix" actually WORKS! I have yet to hear a plan that outlines what success looks like. Is it really going to fix things - or will the plan just function as a band-aid - allowing us to tread water for awhile?

3. I think John McCain's campaign should have returned Obama's phone call yesterday morning re: issuing a joint statement. Had that happened - we would be talking about fixing the economy and not the McCain and Obama phone call timeline. Whether or not he should or shouldn't suspend his campaign - I really don't have a strong opinion. Part of me thinks a potential President should be able to deal with a crisis AND continue with other major projects. Here's an idea - how about a VP debate this week instead? Let McCain and Obama return to Washington to deal with the "economic crisis" and let's see how their pinch-hitters do!

4. I'm curious what your thoughts are - especially about the economy. Is it really AS BAD as they are reporting - and have you done anything different in your lives as a result? Do you know how to make your own soap? Will you help keep my family clean? Do you have a spare bedroom we could live in if necessary?

5. The feelings I am fighting are similar to 9/11. Terror. However, I know that none of this is in my hands and prayer is the only thing I can do. Faith-tested.

6. I have spoken with my Grandparents - I have 4 of them who lived through our nation's Great Depression. The similarities ARE eerie here. What sort of nation are we to not learn from such mistakes? Surely this wouldn't happen again!

7. I think we all need to be praying more "God Bless America."

Clearly I am not an economist. I'm not schooled in political science. I am not a campaign strategist. I am just a stay-at-home Mom concerned about her family, her government, her country. I don't claim to know-it-all...probably shouldn't be giving my opinion here....but I wanted to throw it out there. Now I'd love to hear from you. Please tell me what YOU are thinking!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And we have a decision! Red birch it is!
This will go in the front entry, the hallway on the main level, the half-bath on main level, the eat-in-kitchen and the kitchen. I love it! And it looks FABULOUS with our maple cabinets. Now...on to carpeting decisions...

Big News of the Week!

Bailey learned she was assigned the solo in the opening number for show choir! Yeah, Bailey! We are so happy for you!! Your hard work really paid off and we can't wait to see the first competition!

Mark brought her home a single red rose last night. I let her know that later in life, when choosing a husband.....she should expect nothing less. =-)

Now...let the middle school girl drama commence. ugh - aren't middle school girls so mean? I'm praying she doesn't experience anything over this - but given the girl drama so far this year....I'm thinking she won't escape it. I've told her next year will be better...H.S. IS better than middle school when it comes to mean stuff. Here's praying anyway!

On the house front...I visited the hardwood flooring store yesterday and narrowed it down to Birch or Red Oak. So terrified of making the wrong choice! Such a big expense...and permanent! Aaagh!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So I need to confess...I'm totally addicted to HGTV's "Rate My Space"...both the show AND the Web site. With an entire new house to decorate - I especially can't get enough of this thing. I thought I'd post some of the ideas I'm considering stealing - a "Rate My Stolen Space" if you will...where you can comment if you like it - what you like about it....what you might change, etc. First up...a Master Bedroom decor ideas:
Minus the tropical plants and something different over the bed...but I like the overall look/feel of this set-up. How 'bout you?
This one isn't as "warm" as the above one - but I like it. I would replace the b/w floral pics above the bed with b/w of the kids I think? And I'd probably throw a warm color for throw pillows instead of the light blue. Ok - now your thoughts...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dancin' Fools

Lauren started dance class a couple weeks ago. She was so excited as we were getting her dressed that first night. White tights, her new leotard, her special dance shoes (that are a total rip-off), her hair pulled up. When she walked down the stairs to go, she said "Hey, Grant! Look at me! I'm FANCY!" So stinkin' cute!

I had really hoped to post video of her first dance class - but no parents allowed! (darn). I did sneak outside of the classroom to listen the first night and this is what I heard:

Teacher: "No, Lauren - you have to aren't the leader tonight."

Lauren: "I'm not the leader?!"

ha! rude awakening for Lauren!

And then there's Grant. He loves rockin' out to the Backyardigan's theme song. Here are his baby white boy moves:

And finally, Bailey. She's heavy into show choir choreography and dancin' everywhere she goes. So see? A house full of dancin' fools. =-)

Monday, September 15, 2008

It was a God thing....all the way.

* We sold our home in 11 days and 2 showings.
* We had so many friends and family members praying for us.
* We found a home that we all loved - a home that fit our space needs and just FELT overwhelmingly like home.
* It was new construction - never lived in - not even completely finished....and out of our price range.
* We prayed that God would help us find who to talk to about this house - and He did.
* We prayed that God would provide - and He did.
* To many this may look like really good luck....but we know better. We KNOW with great certainty that God's hands were in this every step of the way.
* We are humbled - and soooo thankful! And we give God complete and total credit.
* The offer has been accepted and we are moving forward with discussions with a builder to finish it.
* There are minor details yet - the inspection of our current home, the new home, etc....but who's losing faith now? Not us!

Here's a peek at our new home:
And here is Lauren's celebration dance (she dressed herself today, by the way) after we told her why Mommy & Daddy were jumping up & down, crying & hugging and laughing all at once:

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So, this house stuff is many questions...what direction to go in now....frustrating, unsettling, faith-shaking, etc. But when you ask for direction...He'll give it to you. I hope if you are going through something similar...if you are feeling uncertain - if you are feeling bullied...not sure what direction to take next...that this will speak to you, too.

Psalm 25

O LORD, I give my life to you.
I trust in you, my God!
Do not let me be disgraced,
or let my enemies rejoice in my defeat.
No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced,
but disgrace comes to those who try to deceive others.

Show me the right path, O LORD;
point out the road for me to follow.
Lead me by your truth and teach me,
for you are the God who saves me.
All day long I put my hope in you.
Remember, O LORD, your compassion and unfailing love,
which you have shown from long ages past.
Do not remember the rebellious sins of my youth.
Remember me in the light of your unfailing love,
for you are merciful, O LORD.

The LORD is good and does what is right;
he shows the proper path to those who go astray.
He leads the humble in doing right,
teaching them in his way.
The LORD leads with unfailing love and faithfulness
all who keep his covenant and obey his demands.

For the honor of your name, O LORD,
forgive my many, many sins.
Who are those who fear the LORD?
He will show them the path they should choose.
They will live in prosperity,
and their children will inherit the land.
The LORD is a friend to those who fear him.
He teaches them his covenant.
My eyes are always on the LORD,
for he rescues me from the traps of my enemies.

Turn to me and have mercy,
for I am alone and in deep distress.
My problems go from bad to worse.
Oh, save me from them all!
Feel my pain and see my trouble.
Forgive all my sins.
See how many enemies I have
and how viciously they hate me!
Protect me! Rescue my life from them!
Do not let me be disgraced, for in you I take refuge.
May integrity and honesty protect me,
for I put my hope in you.

O God, ransom Israel
from all its troubles.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Mark took Friday off since he had to travel on Labor Day, so we spent the day enjoying the kids, cleaning the house and "dealin'" some more with the developer on a house. Saturday we cleaned some more, Mark & Bailey went shopping to spend Bailey's birthday money at the mall, and the little ones and I hung out with Grandma while a family looked through our house to see if they wanted to buy it (no luck).

Of course a couple hours before we were to show the house, Grant had THE WORST poopy diaper of his much for that homey apple-cinnamon scent I was going for. Nothing inspires home-buying like the scent of a freshly soiled diaper. (sigh).

Sunday was Lauren's first day of Sunday School and Mark & I had nursery duty. Lauren is currently "reading" her little packet of Bible verses (interesting take she has on it!) Overheard while she was reading:

"Doors are wise too, but PRESENTS are marvelous."

"Jesus is not kinda away."

"Scientists are really strong." (MARK!!!!)

"God lives up in heaven."

It is rainy and cold here this morning...and the little kids have only a couple pair of pants/long-sleeve shirts that fit from last year. Guess I need to pick up a few things today. I'm thinking of hitting The Children's Place (received a $10 coupon in the mail) and probably Old Navy...although is it just me or are their deals not as good as they used to be?

Tonight is Lauren's first "Tumbling Tots" class - a mix of gymnastics and dance. I can't wait...and neither can she! You can bank on photos/video tomorrow!

Ok - more cleaning.

The Mom of 'Em

Friday, September 05, 2008

That John Stewart....he cracks me up!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


We did it! The for sale sign is once again in the yard....a year later. Shwew! The WORK! keep the house clean. I need a nap.
LIFE IS BUSY!!! Finally....the birthday recap:

I hate getting behind on blogging, but even with a birthday to report, life has been too busy lately for me to sit down and give you the updates! Lauren turned 3 last Saturday. THREE! Thankfully she still has baby fat and likes to sit on my lap - so she's my big-girl baby still. =-) Friday we began the celebration by going to the zoo with two of her little friends. She loved it!

We came home to find a giant bouquet of balloons from Aunt Charlene! Again - LOVED IT!

The next morning she awoke to a chorus of "Happy Birthday" and opened a couple gifts from us. We then headed to IHOP for birthday pancakes (couldn't make them - haven't bought groceries in weeks). This was a miserable trip as she was breaking in the three-year-old behavior (grrr). Anyway - came home - kids took a nap and when they woke Grandma & Grandpa came over for more birthday celebration.

She opened more gifts - getting really mad at Grant who kept touching her new stuff! He fought back.....and so it begins. Then there was cake - LOTS of cake. She had trouble blowing out the candle....put LOTS of spit on there - mmmm....but FINALLY got it.

Lauren is such a special little girl. So smart, so FUNNY and so friendly. Vivacious, independent, stubborn, sweet, goofy, innocent - these are just some of the characteristics that make up my Lauren. Ten years as a mother of one before Lauren came along....and I never imagined how wonderful it would be to have another....two girls....special in their own ways. I love how when she is tired or sick she sucks her thumb and twirls her hair....and sometimes asks to twirl MY hair while she sucks her thumb. She loves to make us laugh and to be my big helper. She loves to dance and will be starting her first dance class next week. She loves to sing - all the time....a musical sign of her toddler/preschooler bliss. I love it.

I'm finding it hard to find the right words to show just how much I love this girl - how unique and special she is...not just to me...but everyone she meets. She has a joy about her that lights up a room. A personality that brings a smile to every face. She is an amazing girl....and I can't help but feel unworthy of such an amazing gift.

I love you, Lauren! My big three-year-old girl!