Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School 2011
It's hard to believe Summer is over and the kids are headed back to school. Why can't Winter pass that quickly?! This year I have both girls in school all day and Grant will be starting Preschool 2 days a week early next month. Am I emotional about this? ummm....not really. The years DO go by so quickly....but for now...I'm happy to have a couple of hours without distraction and interruption. Selfish? maybe....but it's true.
Here are my girls this morning...all ready to begin their adventures at school this year. There are WAY more pictures of's her first year of all-day school. Plus I was lucky I was allowed 2 minutes of photo time w/my high schooler. Here she is....Junior year:
And here is my FIRST-GRADER!!! (The Littlest Pet Shop lunch box that took 30 minutes to choose)

Like my new backpack?

Because this Mom won't have it together someday to remember:

A vet....2 years in the running! We shall see!

And this year, a little something new. I wish I had saved where I borrowed it from...some wonderful blog somewhere online (sorry). But Lauren was visited by the First Day of School Fairy! Check out the fancy note she left her...and the special friend for helping with a good night's sleep!

With her Mommy and Daddy:

The walk to school....

The crossing guard....God bless this woman!

At the school!

Her FABULOUS teachers!'re it!

Wait! What? It's going on 12:30 already? This day is going fast! I hope my girls are having an awesome first day....and that it's going as fast as it is here at home. I think I will have 2 VERY tired kids on my hands tonight. Happy 1st Day of School 2011!!!