Friday, September 28, 2007

And the winner is...

Ok, so I forgot the camera at the hospital tonight, so I don't have new pics to post for Mom, but I will go ahead and announce the winner of the pool.

As you saw in yesterday's post, Grant came in at 7 lbs, 14 oz, and 20.5 inches. With the exact weight, and the closest length, the winner is Cory Lark with guesses of 7 lbs, 14 oz and 21 inches.

The special prize promised has not been revealed to me by Mom, but I'm sure it will have little to no monetary value! *grin*

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grant Steven... born today!!!

Greetings Loyal Readers! This is the "Dad of 'Em" filling in for the "Mom of 'Em", just for today...

Yes, at 7:30am today (Thurs, Sept 27, 2007), Grant Steven was born! He was 7 pounds, 14 ounces, and 20 1/2 inches long. Both mom and son are doing great! Mom spent most of the day fighting nausea, and son spent most of the day sleeping, but Dad spent most of the day beaming over both of them!

Also doing fabulously are Big Sis, and Bigger Sis! Both girls are thrilled and simply cannot get enough of their new little brother! Bailey started out the day with Mom & Dad at 4:00am, and still got in a couple of hours of school! Lauren squealed "My Baby!!!" and "Baby Gwaaannntt!!" Grant slept... Good boy!

I've been asked to post a few pictures, so here you go!

(Note to readers: there are no pictures of my wife being posted at this time... not my idea, ok? yeah, you get it, and if you don't, well... meh... *smile*)

Now, I've got an opportunity that I cannot pass up...

My wife... truly amazing, beautiful, strong, smart, loving... amazing! (did I already say that?) I have no words sufficient to express my love for her, and what she has done for me and our family for the past nine months. Today was the end and only the beginning, but most of all it was an incredible day of sacrifice made by the woman I love completely. Never, ever doubt that, loyal readers... never...

And lest we forget the Truth here... Our entire family gives thanks and praise to our God Almighty for His great work, unbounded blessing, and grace beyond all measure! The gift He's given us today is undeserved and beyond all our dreams. We promise to do our best to be the parents that He desires us to be, and when we fail, we will rest in His arms and let Him do what we cannot. Praise God! Amen!

(ok, I'm hitting the 20 hours awake mark... which for some new parents would be a pittance, but as you've all read here before, I'm an old geezer and I gotta go try and sleep a while...)

Thanks for the indulgence!

--the Dad of 'Em

Hello there, sleeping world! It is 4:29 a.m. and I'm waiting for my husband to finish a bowl of cereal (add that to the unfair list) so we can load up and head for the hospital. I slept from 11:30 to approximately 3 a.m., got up, showered, put on makeup (why), dressed and tried my best to will away the strong desire for a drink, specifically coffee. I coughed and blew my nose this morning and dread the fast-forward ahead where these two simple tasks will HURT.

3 hours until surgery. What will my son look like? What will he weigh? The wait for the reassuring healthy cry and normal Apgar scores is almost unbearable. I absolutely can't wait to be reassured of his good health. I'm also unnecessarily worrying about things out of my how long before I feel alert and have memory of what's going on around me (we have video last time of me talking and APPEARING alert...but absolutely NO memory of actually being present), how soon can they take that darn catheter out so I can move freely? How long before I can eat? (those darn cereal eaters around me)...and a million other needless questions.

I can't wait to report good news soon. In the meantime - continued prayers.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

About Eleven hours to wait. I've dropped Lauren off at Grandma & Grandpa's for the evening. The next time I see her I'll be a mother of THREE. It started to sink in on the way back home from dropping her off. I was crying at every other stoplight. I'm just overwhelmed with emotion. Excitement, fear, joy, nervousness, anticipation, gratitude, astonishment - you name it.

I'm not supposed to eat or drink after Midnight....AS IF I COULD! stomach is in knots! It is like the day before the first day of school, the night before the wedding....except times FIFTY! It is the night before my son enters my arms. Oh, Lord - here I go again....crying!

I don't know when I'll be able to post again, although I hope to have something up here sometime tomorrow. It is going to depend how many tubes I still have in me, how many oxycodone they hand me, etc....but we have the cameras charged and ready to go and we plan to bring a laptop so I can share what's going on. Friday at the latest I'm thinking.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the name game - that was fun! I'm going to leave it open for a couple more hours...I'll lock in the votes before I head to bed where I'll be passing time until I can get up and shower and go to the hospital. Winners will be announced as soon as I can figure it out yourself.

Thanks also for all of your prayers during this time - and to all of you have gone the extra mile - whether you attended the baby shower, donated your hand-me-downs, provided an ear to the over-hormonal one, helped with the kids - whatever your role was or is....just know how much we appreciate you. We are truly, TRULY blessed.


If for some unknown reason you actually know the name (which you absolutely should not - because I would NEVER tell)....then please don't spoil it...instead either don't guess a name or guess a different one.
Tomorrow morning at this time I'll be prepping for surgery. I'll be about an hour or less away from meeting my son for the very first time. Wow. To say I can't wait is an understatement. I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight - I had a hard time last night - the excitement of it all is too much. (another reason spontaneous labor is better). =-) This morning my stomach is crampy. Yesterday I would have thought - hey - maybe this is the beginning of some light labor. Today - pretty sure it is just excited/nervous stomach going on.

Please pray for us. Pray that surgery goes well and that we deliver an absolutely perfectly healthy boy. Also pray for the families facing different outcomes. Earlier in the pregnancy we faced a scare. The "quad screen" test results showed a high risk for Trisomy 18...a genetic disorder that is almost always not survivable. After several visits to the perinatologists, we were told they could find NO evidence that our baby had this disorder.

The other day I was visiting a Mommy-business giveaway blog I often frequent. There was a prayer posted, with a link to another family's blog. This family just had a baby girl with Trisomy 18 and I began to read their story. It was a huge reminder of what could have been for us. I am so thankful that we were given good news after our level 2 ultrasounds. It was also a reminder to continue to pray for the health of our son, as well as families facing the unthinkable.

We can't wait to post his picture here soon along with all of the important baby details...including his name! I've set up an online guessing game here where you can (read: SHOULD) enter your guesses for date/time of birth, weight and length. I couldn't get a name guess in the same tool in the free version - so you can either enter your name guess (first and middle) in the field asking for how you know or area related to can enter a comment at the end of this post. Guess first and middle name (and any other details you'd like to predict for fun - like hair? who he'll look like? etc.) and leave your name and your email (you can set this up so it doesn't show to the public) so I know who wins! Special prize to the winner.
You should also guess the delivery never know...he COULD come before tomorrow, right? =-) Ok - now click HERE to play.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's For Dinner? Flaky Chicken Wraps - a new recipe I haven't tried before. Looks easy - and that's my kind of dinner. =-)

Monday, September 24, 2007

You shouldn't believe gossip! Especially celebrity gossip! (I'm repeating this to myself). Ok - so the same suckers that reeled me in w/the Miley Cyrus is pregnant rumor TODAY report that it was a hoax. I'm relieved of course - because my goodness - there has to be a FEW young teens NOT having sex these days, right? But I"m also mad - at myself - for believing this celebrity gossip crap. But - the message about parents being a better role model for their kids than Disney babes? Still true....except don't read celebrity gossip like your mother, Bailey.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just when you thought you'd recovered from Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and the like....and you've found a wholesome, regular teen/pre-teen girl on an innocent enough show....a "role model" safe enough for your kids to watch...another Disney star REPORTEDLY bites the dust. What is a parent supposed to do? Turn off the TV and take on the job of role model for our kids? Oh, wait....we're supposed to be doing that already. Anyway, read about the rumored sadness here.

How we passed the time today....waiting for labor.....which....still......hasn't.....started!

OMG - I LOOK like I've labored all day - but this, ladies & gentleman...THIS is what sleepless nights mixed with false labor looks AIN'T pretty.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Show Choir Dress! Lauren is JEALOUS! She loves how it sparkles and twirls and keeps following Bailey around in it, saying "I try it?" =-)

Bailey's 7th Grade School Picture - 2007-2008

It's 3:17 a.m........and I'm awake.....again. This time next week I'll probably be awake again - but hopefully holding a newborn. But tonight (this morning?) such luck. Earlier this evening while watching TV, sitting on the couch, I began having contractions. They started out kind of crampy and then became more intense. I almost started timing them and I thought "Great! I'll get up and walk around, climb some stairs, really get these puppies going." .......and that's when they quit. !@#$%

Cruel, cruel joke. I really expected to fall asleep (it happens occasionally) and be woken up by the real thing...but here it 3:20 a.m.....and no dice. However, looking on the bright side...I've discovered the secret to getting caught up with laundry. Sleep deprivation works wonders for that sort of thing.

SIGH. Now what? Watch more TV? Struggle to fall asleep again on the couch? (hate to bother Mark by my whale-like tossing and turning). One thing is for certain - you absolutely can not WILL a baby here...'cuz Lord knows I've been trying.

Friday, September 21, 2007

My sentiments EXACTLY, Bailey!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The easiest, most delicious Quiche recipe ever! Fat, fat, fat - but low-carb! =-)

1 refrigerated pie crust - Bake @ 350 for 10 min.

Mix together:
2 C. cottage cheese
5 beaten eggs (you could use Egg Beaters to make it a little less sinful)
4 oz. browned sausage
2-3 oz. sliced pepperoni (sliced into strips)
1 1/2 C. shredded mozarella
1/2 C. grated parmesan (or ramano, asiago, etc.)
1/4 C. choped onion & or peppers, mushrooms, etc.

Pour into pie crust - bake at 350 for 45 min. or until center is done. Cool awhile before cutting.

* You can use frozen sausage patties - follow microwave directions for cooking and then dice it up.
* Use any combo of cheeses you like
* Throw any veggies you prefer
* Substitute with ham, broccoli - any combo you like!
* Might have a "milky" appearance in center - probably from the cottage cheese. It is ok that way.
Kid Nation - did you watch it last night? Amazing and entertaining. What struck me most about the show was how, although their emotions were worn refreshingly immaturely on their sleeves, the kids behaved just as adults do in their work environment. There is the know-it-all "boss" who is more worried about proving he is a leader than actually LEADING, the cry-baby who always whines, the quitter, the big bullies who get to stay because they are big and strong and like it or not - you need them, the nurturing and trustworthy leader - the only genuine one you can trust, the crazy-wierd nerd who is never going to fit in - but you feel sorry for him, and so many other types that can be found in any office around this country.

They may be kids, but they are mini replicas of today's workforce. Tune in - which one is your boss? which one most resembles you in the office?
The perfect cure for a no-good, horribly-rotten, no-respect, no-appreciation, why am I even here kind of day! Nothing like a good old-fashioned game of "airplane."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1 cm dilated - nothing thinned out yet. Oh well - better than 0 cm, right? And who knows....could be at 5 by evening, right? Optimism is a double-edged sword.

Everyone out there is praying for labor before next Thursday's scheduled c-section, right????

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm borrowing this beautiful poem from Christine's blog today - thanks for sharing it!

I Asked God
Author: Unknown

I asked God for strength, that I might achieve,
I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey.
I asked for health, that I might do greater things,
I was given infirmity, that I might do better things;

I asked for riches, that I might be happy,
I was given poverty, that I might be wise;
I asked for power, that I might have the praise of man,
I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God;

I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life,
I was given life, that I might enjoy things;
I got nothing I asked for – but everything I had hoped for,
Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered,
I among all men, most richly blessed.
FREE HUGGIES DIAPER SAMPLE!! If you don't need it, consider signing up and sending it to me. I'm praying it means future coupons in the mail or email...and you know you can always pass those on to me too. =-)
A good night's sleep last night - YEAH!!!! Finally! I was only up 2-3 times and was able to go back to sleep right away. What a relief. Hopefully I can really tackle some projects today now that I"ve actually had rest! I need to clean the car seat base (how DOES an infant car seat base get so disgusting?! And why didn't I clean it before I put it away - ugh). I want to stop by the storage unit to pick up the portable swing, the pack 'n play and my scrapbooking stuff (as if - but just having it here means I COULD). Lauren will go to "school" this morning and I hope to get a quick pedicure during that time - one last splurge before the baby comes.

Other than that - a pretty routine day ahead. I should get groceries - but I doubt I'll have time before Lauren's nap. I also need to plan meals for this week - since it is already TUESDAY! We had blue hake, rice and mixed veggies last night. Surprisingly, it was a hit with everyone w/Lauren...even though we told her they were "nuggets." Darn - she's not falling for that one anymore. oh - there must be so many advantages to having a less-than-brilliant child - guess we'll never know. ha. =-)

Alright - better empty the dishwasher before my little helper wakes up.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, some of my great friends threw me a BOY shower! It was so fun seeing wonderful friends who usually are running in 12 different directions with several children in tow. To sit down, pick up right where we left off a year ago (probably the last time I had a baby shower - ha) - sharing stories compliments and advice, laughing, eating chocolate and just enjoying each other's company. These are the women of God I absolutely love hanging out with. I did tell them though that our next get-together occasion will NOT be another baby shower for me. Someone else is going to have to give birth next time - it isn't going to be me. Honestly though - why do we let the hectic pace of life get in the way of important things like nurturing quality friendships? I need to work on that.

Oh - it was so much fun opening all of the baby blue things, the fire truck book, the I Love Mommy items, the trucks, dirt, bugs, snakes and sports-themed stuff. It was a very boy shower indeed. And it was FABULOUS!

Everyone wrote a piece of boy advice on a notecard for me to scrapbook someday. My favorite? Probably my Mom's - "I am so looking forward to the arrival of my new grandson. Hopefully, Lauren will be spending a lot of time with her Grandma & Grandpa."

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends. You are truly a blessing in my life. Thank you!
Here are a few pics from yesterday's shower. Side note - hope, hope, HOPE I deliver that double chin along with the baby. yikes!

Becky & Ashlynn - Hostesses Extraordinaire!
Jessica & Cheryl S. - Sounds of the Soul sistas. =-)

Mom, Me & Bailey (Lauren was napping while Daddy & Grandpa watched a guy-movie)

Baby blue Onesies, burp cloths and the teeniest of matching socks! Much needed and MUCH appreciated! Also - sorry they didn't have your size in the "My Mommy's Nuts About Me" onesie...but your loss is our gain, Mitch! Thank you, Jaime!Oh, Cheryl R. You are HILARIOUS! In addition to a generous gift card to Babies 'R Us (yeah!), a few gifts to represent boys. 1. Snake; 2. Bugs; 3. Knives (no matter how hard you try to discourage gun/knife/weapon play...they are going to do it anyway); 4. worms and dirt. So funny! A little frightening, but so funny! Thank you, Cheryl!

Nike Illini/Bears colors! Thank you, Jessica!
I love Mommy towel, washcloths, tub toys, Baby Magic & Johnson's Lotion! Thank you, Cheryl & Anna!

Homemade diaper bag (LOVE IT), diapers, monkey soft-soled shoes and the PERFECT nautical decoration/hook for the nursery. Thank you, Stacy!!

Sweet Bailey picked out a stuffed Classic Eyore for her little brother. She also gave him a train hat and matching booties. He's going to be so lucky to have you for a big sister!!I like trucks & dirt outfit and fire truck board book - PERFECT boy gifts! Thank you Becky & Ashlynn!And thank you to Kelly who couldn't be there - but sent the coolest gift! A navy blue lantern (perfect for the nursery) that actually works! It gives off a soft light - perfect for those middle-of-the night feedings/changes. Not too bright and cute as heck! Thank you, Kelly!

Sigh. How do you begin to say thank you for friends like this? I'm so amazingly blessed.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last night was horrible. I didn't feel well, was uncomfortable and slept in half-hour increments at best. Finally around 4 a.m. I surrendered and just got up for the day. Have you ever been to the point where it is more tiring trying desperately to fall asleep than it is to just wake up? The good news is that I've done 2 loads of laundry in the last 2 hours, watched an equal amount of "Birth Day" on TLC to further torment myself, and have first dibs on the Sunday paper. The bad news? A long day ahead of undoubtedly filled with everything BUT labor.

I don't think I can do too many more nights like please pray for labor and SOON!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quote of the morning after a Saturday morning toy commercial...

"I get to buy TONKA stuff for the baby! Yeah!".....the soon-to-be-Dad of a SON.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Baby Boy Whitsitt's nursery....90% done. I picked up the changing pad cover at a garage sale - but it is looking a little too red under the curtain. Oh is just going to get peed on anyway, right? =-) Still need to clean the wooden floors, dust the blinds/shelves and affix the oars to the wall. We're getting there though!

Looks like I need to clean the floor up - they need help.
View of the crib bumper (Pottery Barn Kids clearance - under $40)
Below - the lifesaver w/mirrored center that I will be affixing "S.S. (baby's name)" to... Lauren's enjoying the view in it. =-)
I need to figure out a way to mount these paddle oars to the wall. Above it or next to it I have wooden letters I've spray-painted red that spell out "SAIL"
The garage sale items that started the nursery "theme"....the lanterns, the boat, the stork thingy....50 cents each. They are just thrown on the shelves right now...I need to organize it yet.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today was my 37 week OB appt. - nothing too exciting. Blood pressure - normal, baby's heart rate - 150 (moving), measuring normal - see ya next week. Oh - wait - he DID mention that I"m now "term." You hear that little boy? You can be done is come on out and meet your Mommy.

They (Dr.'s and nurses at clinic) don't seem to be too optimistic about a VBAC actually happening - at least that's my interpretation...seems every question I have is usually a "well you're scheduled for a C-section on the 27th." umm...yeah...but remember? We're praying for labor before that??? I guess I'm the only one with any real hope of that happening. Obviously a healthy baby is important thing - no matter how we get there....but man, would I sure love to avoid a repeat c-section. They suck.
Halloween costume - 2007. Lauren picked "Care Bear" over Dora, Tigger, Uniqua and more - she was very certain when she declared "Blue Care Bear!" So here she is with the preview...."scary monster Care Bear"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today is Wednesday, September 12....and there are AT MOST 15 days to go until I meet my son. Funny, a couple weeks ago I was in denial...not at all ready. Today? IMPATIENT! Physically I'm so done with this pregnancy as I am getting more and more uncomfortable each day. Emotionally I am now ready...minimally ready. The room is painted, I have the basics ready for him to come home. I am ready to meet hold him, kiss him, see if he looks like my other two, if he's going to weigh 12 lbs (wouldn't doubt it - just ask my bladder - the boy's heavy!).

So, today I'm going to try to busy myself with more getting ready tasks. I am going to finally pack my bag for the hospital, pack Lauren's bag for Grandma & Grandpa's house, make sure my parents have all of Bailey's important dates so she doesn't miss anything while I"m in the hospital, charge the camera batteries, reassemble the swing, find the car seat and bouncy seat, etc.

The wait is so long!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On today's to-do list:

* Drop Lauren off at "school" for 2.5 hours so she can have fun and I can MAYBE get something done.

* Go to fancy bra store in hopes of finding a comfortable, supportive and hopefully not hideously ugly nursing bra that actually fits (doubt this is possible).

* Hot glue or somehow affix spray-painted red wooden letters that say S.S. (the baby's name here) to the cool life saver thingy I bought at Hobby Lobby last week.

* Pack my bag for the hospital (which means I probably won't need it until the 27th - boo).

* Laundry (of course)

* Make chili for dinner tonight, as well as extra to freeze

* Enter My Coke Rewards Codes (oh, the excitement of my day)

* Pick up Mary Kay from a customer returning the wrong shades - luckily she kept the right shade

* Make an appointment for Lauren's 2-yr pictures....probably easier to get that out of the way now than after the baby is here

* MAYBE find a scrapbook/baby book for the baby...I can't believe I have not scrapped in MONTHS!

* Nap! (yeah, right...but it is always on my list)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday: Chicken Bowtie Pasta Dish, Fruit
Tuesday: Chili, Corn bread
Wednesday: Pancakes, sausage
Thursday: Grilled cheese/Tomato Soup
Friday: Calzones
Saturday: Hamburger/Rice Casserole
Sunday: Leftovers/Free-for-All
Check out even better meals at Laura's site!
This week my goal is to create meals to freeze and buy groceries for easy meals so that when I'm recovering from delivery (most likely surgery), the rest of the family can figure it out and we can eat a healthy meal that takes NO time to prepare. I thought I'd list a few of the helpful sites I encountered when searching for "meals for the freezer." Who knew there were so many? I hope they do actually freeze well.

The Kitchen Link - Freezer Recipes
The Dollar Stretcher
The Family Homestead
Organized Home
Mom's Budget
Recipezaar - Freezer Recipes
Real Food for Real People

And here are a few book titles I stumbled across - will be heading to the library today to find them!

Frozen Assets by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Better Homes & Gardens Make-Ahead Cookbook

Once A Month Cooking by Mimi Wilson & Mary Beth Lagerborg

Dream Dinners by Stephanie Allen & Tina Kuna

Thank you to my wonderful husband for rescuing me from the HTML nightmare I created for myself last night. I was trying to update my pregnancy widget to reflect my new "due date" (the surgery date - the latest I'll deliver) when I accidentally deleted additional code, creating a NIGHTMARE on my blog. Mark jumped right in and fixed it for me. My hero. =-)

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Sometimes our prayers are for deliverance from conditions which are morally indispensable--that is, conditions which are absolutely necessary to our redemption. God does not grant us those requests. He will not because He loves us with a pure and implacable purpose: that Christ be formed in us. If Christ is to live in my heart, if his life is to be lived in me, I will not be able to contain Him. The self, small and hard and resisting as a nut, will have to be ruptured. My own purposes and desires and hopes will have to at times be exploded. The rupture of the self is death, but out of death comes life. The acorn must rupture if an oak tree is to grow.

Elisabeth Elliott

Thank you, Rocks in my Dryer for sharing!
Remember when we converted the toy room into Bailey's bedroom? And we didn't have a place for the toys so I dumped them (literally) in the unfinished room in the basement? is still an unfinished room, but I finally got around to sort of organizing the space so it at least looks like it has a purpose. Here it is...

Well, if I wait until Bailey's room is CLEAN, you'll never see what it looks like. So here it is in all of its pre-teen glory....sleeping kid, dirty clothes and all. I mainly wanted to show you the color she chose - a pale yellow color. The room lacks shelving because it is drywall and I"m not sure what if any shelving would be safe to put up. We also got rid of her big dresser and she is just using hangers, a few crates and a Closet-Maid drawer thingy for her clothes. Kind of like prep for college, huh? =-)

Here's the closet area we created...

The bed area...

And here's the floor mirror/primping area at the foot of her bed, as well as the little nook for her TV.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday's craft from "school," a local playgroup held twice a week at a church. Under the handprints it reads "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth....Genesis 1:1

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thank you, Jen for pointing me to this fun tool!

So...who does she REALLY look like???

We MUST be getting close, right? The countdown widget says 30 days to go....but I know it will be less. If I don't go into labor on my own before my due date, I know surgery will be scheduled most-likely the last week of September - that's less than 30 days...more like 21-25 or so.

It is currently 5 a.m. - I'm up because a) I was stirred by the rumblings, rollings and strong kicks from the baby boy within; b) I had an intense muscle cramp down the front of my thigh; c) I had to pee - again!; d) I needed a drink; or e) couldn't get comfortable. Answer? ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!! THIS is how I know it must be getting close...nature's way of preparing you for labor/delivery and sleep-deprivation I suppose. Too bad they haven't made the over-the-counter epidural yet. I'd be signing up soon.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day means put 'em to work, right? =-) Ok - well maybe not...but this IS the case at our home today. We are trying to maximize the day off by cleaning for our Open House this coming Sunday AND preparing the nursery for baby boy....who will be here before the month is over - yikes! Thanks to my Mom, the striping is now done in the nursery. My role? I picked out the paint colors for the striping and bought the paint. Mom did ALL the work - taping AND painting. What would I do without her?! I need to go to Hobby Lobby today to check out their nautical stuff. I believe they have a lifesaver for $20 or less, as well as a few more items I'm interested in taking a peek at. This, in addition to cleaning toilets, sinks, doing laundry and finding my countertops again. On Dad's list today is a) putting together the cradle - check! (see below); b) getting the crib and dresser out of storage and assembling/fixing; c) cleaning windows/doors - Windex Man! Bailey will be cleaning her room so I can post her "after" picture on here, gathering up the dirty laundry, playing the role of Swiffer Queen, collecting the trash and other misc. jobs - yep - she's thrilled about it. ha. Below are pictures of nursery progress...