Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm looking for ideas on how to decorate this house! We've lived here for 8 months and I still don't have things anywhere close to where I want them. I haven't painted Grant's room, I haven't painted our master bedroom, I haven't painted our master bath, the mud room, the living room or the laundry room. So I look through catalogs and I've been spending more time on HERE again, which gets me sidetracked and in trouble. =-) Suddenly I don't care about the inside of the house anymore, because I found THIS! Mark can make this in a weekend, right? And it would be cheaper than a swingset/playset, right? I mean it's just some wood and screws, right? And this would be so much fun to play in, right?


kmb said...

I thought this was yours and I couldn't believe that you hadn't blogged about it yet. SO CUTE. And WAY WAY WAY better than the ones on Jon and Kate plus 8.

M.A. said...

that is the coolest. thing. ever. i think you should get it.