Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It BUGS me out!

It is officially Summer break for the little kids. No more preschool! We kicked it off with a great trip to the library yesterday...but today...day 2. Now what?! Pools aren't open yet, neighbor kids are still in big-kid school..and I want to keep it cheap.

So....today I decided we'd pretend we were home school/preschool and I developed a theme...Bugs and Spiders. After a few Google searches, here's what we came up with:

Dragonfly craft (packing tape wings with yarn smooshed in between. Popsicle stick bodies and we markered a face on it.)
Bug-themed snack: Ladybug snack (apple slices, banana in the middle and raisins stuck on w/peanut butter to make the dots). To drink? lemonade sipped from butterfly straws. (I SHOULD have made fruit punch and mosquito straws...oh well).

Movie time - A Bug's Life. I had Lauren write down every time she saw a new type of bug on the movie. She gave up after three bugs. Too much work she said.
A library book about a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.
Bug Bingo! (The kids LOVED this!!! We played many, MANY games of it)

We also played a game where I was the spider and the kids pretended they were their favorite bug. (Grant was a bee and Lauren was a butterfly). We ran around and I caught them in my web. They loved it!
Before lunch (which was NOT bug-themed...didn't have any more ideas in me), we sang "Itsy-Bitsy Spider and a few other songs about bugs I found online.
After lunch we took a "nature walk" around the neighborhood. The only bug we saw (no lie), was a little bee. I did capture him in the bug jar and the kids had a fun time observing him. We let him go. The kids were frustrated they didn't see more bugs on our walk. I told them it was nap time for all the bugs...just like THEY were going to nap when we got home. =-)
But first....a little story before nap.

Then I wrapped them up in their sheets (cocoons) and told them they would be butterflies when they woke up....but FIRST they had to nap.
Shwew! Exhausting! I have soooo much respect for preschool teachers and all of you Moms who home school! HOW?! I didn't get anything else done this morning! But everybuggy had a great time.

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kmb said...

Wow. I am impressed. Very adorable day.