Monday, February 05, 2007

We went to Wiggles & Tunes at Keyboard West this morning. Lauren (17 months) LOVED IT! The 45-minute experience was filled with songs, actions, child-sized instruments, child-friendly props like puppets, stuffed animals and scarves that float when thrown. Although the class is typically 10 sessions, I can only vouch for the freebie we tried today. It was fabulous fun.

I picked up a brochure on the way out, which says that their typical 10-session class costs a whopping $120! Although it was a great time for Moms and babies, and though it may be comparable in cost to similar programs offered in the area, I’m just not sure it warrants such a steep fee. If you want your child exposed to music, dance, rhythm and song in a playful environment with other children, you’ll very much enjoy this program. I think this budget-conscious Mom will be breaking out the songs and nursery rhymes at home or going to the library for music programming instead though.

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