Sunday, November 25, 2007


Thanksgiving Day, 2007 brought to us MANY reasons to give thanks. This year we saw good health, good times and the addition of Grant to our home. Blessings abound our family and this day was no exception. Mom & Ron brought lunch to us - ham (because I was making Turkey on Saturday), mashed potatoes, turkey cookies and I made corn casserole. We followed up the meal with a birthday cake they brought over for me. I woke up on black Friday, my birthday, and headed out to Penney's and Target - the two stores that had the most items on my gifts to-buy list on sale. I waited until after 6:30 to go...and I think that was a wise decision. I was able to find almost everything I wanted still available...with no waiting in line!

On Friday I received a call from my sister asking if she, her boyfriend, Robert and my Grandma could arrive that night instead of Sat. morning - YEAH! But that meant a fast cleaning needed to happen. Here are my girls pitching in...
After the cleaning, I put up the tree - LOVE IT!
So Thursday and Friday were enjoyable - a great birthday, complete with the gift of a pink bluetooth thingy to match my new pink Razr! love it! Thank you Mark and kids!
Saturday began with dinner preparations....which took ALL.DAY. LONG! Man was that a lot of work - and virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get everything ready to serve at the same time. I much prefer the childhood Thanksgivings where all you did was show up to eat at the kid's table and then run off to play. No all-day preparations and no clean-up! (which Mark did most of, by the way - look at him here doing dishes!)

I will say that the turkey turned out fabulous though. Here are a few pics of the spread, as well as a lame version of a centerpiece from Family Fun magazine. Jami, Robert and Bailey had fun making him though - SNOOD & all. ha.:


kmb said...

Holy cow! That is a lot of (good looking) food. I can't believe you called the centerpiece a lame version because I thought it looked adorable (and mighty tasty).

I think my favorite picture might be the vacuuming one, although there are a lot of good ones so it is hard to say.

Jen Hanson said...

Very cute centerpiece!