Monday, November 19, 2007

What a great weekend! Friday my grandparents, my aunt and my cousin arrived from Illinois. This was the first time most of them met Grant and it was wonderful. It absolutely warms my heart to watch my Grandma with my children...especially my baby. The joy she receives from babies is beyond words. In fact, I can tell you already that if we are given jobs in heaven, someday she will definitely be rocking babies. They made the 5 hour trip to Des Moines for Grant's baptism yesterday. It is a long trip for them and I am SO thankful they made it out. My cousin Krista came too - we asked her to be Grant's "sponsor/Godmother." She was the absolute perfect choice - she's so cool, so nice, so faithful...and just an awesome role model for our kids.

Anyway - back to the visit...after initial conversations, each of my girls took their turn "performing" for family. Since they don't see the kids very often, they always look forward to hearing all about everything the girls are doing, which of course involves music. So, Bailey was a good sport and performed her guitar/vocal number (A Taylor Swift song she will be performing at her concert Dec. 10) and Lauren, not to be outdone, wanted to play her "ma-ca-ca" (harmonica). After her thrilling performance, she then wanted to duet with sissy. She ran through the house saying "C'mon, sissy - Let's do it! Rock 'n Roll!" What a child.

Sunday was perfect too. We were received as new members at Zion and then Grant was baptised. Pastor John pulled out a folding chair and had Lauren climb up so she could get a better view of the sweet! Too bad that was offered prematurely - before he was actually ready to baptise Grant. So, this led to Lauren trying to splash her hands in the holy water (she accomplished this once). She watched intently as the water went on Grant's head, and then patted her head and exclaimed "My turn! or My head!" - something to that effect. Cute. All in all she was decently-behaved though - SHWEW!

After family left later that afternoon, we all changed clothes (Bear-wear...Sunday and we're ready for some football!) and relaxed. A perfect Sunday. Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

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