Friday, January 09, 2009

DONE is often better than perfect.

That's my new motto/resolution anyway. The desire for perfection keeps me from a lot of things. It has kept me from this blog for quite some time now. I had so much to say - but didn't have the time to say it the "right way" - or post the pictures in the right way, what happened? It didn't get done.

I wanted to do the Project 365 thing this year - where you do something each day of the year? Well - I wanted to take a stab at a photo a day again. Like I ATTEMPTED in 2007 here (trendsetter and didn't even know it - ha!)...but I haven't, because I want to have the PERFECT layout - and I can't find it isn't happening.

I have thousands of pictures to scrapbook and catalog....but I haven't...because - you guessed it.

So today I realized that DONE has GOT to be better than perfect. So here goes. I'm blogging a very imperfect post. I'm going to start my new "Phlog" (like that term? Part photos/part blog? I invented it....I love making up words, btw). I am going to make up for not taking the perfect pictures Jan 1 - 9 by taking a few extras next week. It isn't going to be perfect...but it is going to be done.


Amy said...

Okay, Jodi. You've inspired me. And I love the motto...done IS better than perfect!

M.A. said...

Maybe that is how I should operate??? My problem is that I start something, then get distracted in another room and start something else. I should just focus in one area ~ say, my closet...and not start looking around to the bathrooms, the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, etc. Sometimes my "project" is just getting on the treadmill in the morning, though...