Saturday, January 24, 2009

This week I finally put my Christmas gift to use. There are over 245 recipes to choose from, many of them on the gourmet side of things. Since I'm more of a church cookbook kind of chef, I wasn't sure how this was going to go. After searching through the recipes, I settled on Souvlaki. Souvlaki is basically a Greek version of a fajita. It involves lamb meat, a cucumber/yougurt sauce, seasonings and pita bread. I purchased the ingredients and began meal prep. The program has a hands-free feature that recognizes your voice so when you complete a step you can just say "continue" or "next" and it takes you to the next step. Handy, since I had garlic, lamb, etc. all over my hands. You can either read the instructions on the screen or listen to the voice instruct you.

I soon realized that this feature is intended for a quiet cooking environment. If you are at all familiar with my life, you'll know I do NOT have a quiet anything in this house. Picking up the whining, crying, screaming, playing noises from the kids, the personal trainer chef kept saying "What's that?" "Come Again?" ha!

I enjoyed the instructional video on how to cut a clove of garlic, loved the photos that assured me I was doing things correctly and found great satisfaction in serving a meal I would have never otherwise prepared. The best part? Everyone over the age of 3 loved it! Now...what should I try this week?


M.A. said...

Thanks for making me really hungry. My parents took us to a really awesome Greek family restaurant when we were in Florida and I had the best gyro ever. I'll have to try souvlaki now when I go back there! ;-).

jodi said...

I saw that on TV before Christmas and wondered how good it would be. The instructions on how to cut a clove of garlic is enough to sell me on it!

The part about the chef saying "what's that?" to the noises of your kids made me laugh!