Thursday, March 12, 2009

I put the kids down for a nap a few minutes ago and was just starting to relax myself for a minute when I heard a suspicious noise from upstairs. This is NEVER a good sign. So I went up to investigate. Noone in Bailey's room - shwew (former episodes involving hairspray, nail polish and makeup when her room has been tampered). Moving on to the laundry room (another former crime scene involving fabric softener) - nothing. Now on to my room...nothing at first glance. Dare I open the door to the master bath? I must. There I find one VERY naughty 3-yr-old smearing THIS and THIS all over her legs and hands.

I hope she lathered her back end up with some "firming cream" too....because she's going to need it! Future MK consultant? Or a naughty be the judge.


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I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! You are hilarious!!

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