Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lauren's First Day of Preschool!

(First she said she wanted to be a butterfly, but then changed her mind and said Doctor).

Lauren was sooo excited for her first day of Preschool! She's been imagining what school would be like for days - weeks...and judging from the yawns this morning, I'd say her excitement kept her up a lot last night. So finally, today was the day. It was orientation day for kids only....which to me means the 1st day of Preschool. It was a half-hour shorter than her regular days will be - but it was the first time she wore her backpack with her name written in permanent marker on the top.

It was the first time the minivan got in line behind all the other Moms to drop-off. It was the first time I've been alone with Grant for more than a couple hours - ever.
I really should have worn makeup and - I don't know...SHOWERED? before this milestone photo was taken. oh well...keepin' it real.

I checked the calendar and previous mailings to make sure I had everything packed in her backpack. I double checked the drop-off and pick-up times. I checked it all again. When Mrs. Sue opened the van door to retrieve Lauren for her first day, she said..."Did you remember your name tag?" SCHEIST! I forgot the name tag! The blue rectangle with her name on it - the one that should be around her neck so all of the teachers know which group is hers. AAAGH! Well, I thought it would take longer than a DAY for the teachers to learn that I am unorganized, but within 30 seconds the truth is revealed.

Grant & I made a Costco run during preschool and then it was pick-up time. Lauren had an awesome time! She learned about owls, worked on at least two owl crafts,

made some new friends, ("Hailey is my new friend - and she is beautiful" and enjoyed her new-found independence. She also brought home a book order form! BOOK ORDERS! Now doesn't THAT bring back a big warm fuzzy memory! I LOVE BOOK ORDERS!

I'm not really ready for her to go off without me...but the time has come. I know it is only a few hours a few days a week...but that's how it starts. Next she'll be going off to all-day school and then she'll be driving and then moving out! I know - settle down...but honestly - it DOES go that fast.


kmb said...

Is preschool going to bring back blogging? Because then I LOVE PRESCHOOL.

M.A. said...

Such cute pics!!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

So so so sweet. I almost started tearing up for you! So sad yet so exciting to think that will be Savannah in a year.