Saturday, July 31, 2010


We haven't had a family picture taken since Lauren was a baby. That was almost 5 years ago! That means we don't have a family picture with Grant in it! Grant who is going to be 3 in a month. That's pathetic. I think I've put it off because -'s STRESSFUL! To get FIVE people looking at the camera - or at least smiling....nearly impossible. Then there's the wardrobe...I admit - I obsess about this a bit. I don't like to be matchy-matchy (been there/done that...not going back). I want to coordinate but not in an overly obvious way. Much to my husband's dismay, I can worry about this for days on end! And then there are the issues of cost and wanting to be thinner for the pictures (sigh).

Recently our neighbors had their picture taken by his cousin. We loved her style! I immediately contacted her to inquire about cost, schedule, etc. It turns out - she lives in Arizona! Bummer! BUT....she was coming back in August for a class reunion. YAY! So we booked our appointment with SARAH and today was the day!

I won't have the images until next week, but I did snap a few pics during some of Bailey's individual shots. I can't WAIT to see them! She took over 300 pictures! Stay tuned...I'll be posting them just as soon as I have my hands on them!

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