Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am a blog-reader...if you read my blog, you already know this about me. Craft blogs, parenting blogs, funny blogs, money-saving blogs, decorating blogs and cooking blogs. I LOVE reading new ideas from people way more talented and organized than myself. I've found tutorials that allow a non-sewer like myself to actually whip up something pretty fantastic. I've found step-by-step instructions on how to cook something delicious. And recently I've learned how to save BIG-TIME money on gifts! I can't thank Sara over at Sara The Savvy Shopper enough for alerting me to Target's Toy Clearance! She is such a blessing!!! Although it hurt a little to spend more than I normally would in July, it is going to save us SOOOO much money this year! 75% off people! Run! Don't walk! Get to your nearest Target TODAY! Before all of the crazy cart-filling women like me take everything!

My two little kids have birthdays soon. I purchased items for their birthdays, my nephews birthdays, a small stash for birthday parties my kids might be invited to this year, Christmas for my kids, my four nephews, my 6-yr-old half-brother (it's complicated) as well as a stash for Toys for Tots or sponsoring families at Christmas. I MAY even have enough to share the clearance love with Grandma or store a few things for NEXT Christmas! Can you say SCORE?! Can you imagine me doing the happy dance?

Here are two pictures of the loot (it wouldn't fit in one picture!!). And so sorry about the messy and unfinished basement in the background. I had to hide out from the kids while I was doing this!! Be sure to guess how much you think I spent. I'll give you the answer below the pictures. Don't peek....guess first!

Ok....ready to know what all of this is worth? Actually..I should say...the amount they normally charge for these things...because we all know this stuff is NOT "worth" the full price. Anyhew...I strayed off-track. Ok....normal price on all of these items is nearly $800! Insane, right?

Now....what did I spend? Are you ready to know? Drumroll please..........

Just a tad over $186. SUH-WEEEEEET!!!
Now...don't get me wrong....$186 still hurts...a lot....but you all know how quickly you can get to $50 or $100 on what looks like NOTHING! This way...although it stings a bit for July, we have covered birthdays and Christmas for our little kids AND extended family and friends that we buy for throughout the year. DONE! Finished! Not spending another dime on it! WOO-HOO!!!

If you see something in the photos and you are curious what I actually paid for it vs. what original price was....send me a comment..i'd be happy to tell you! This is fun!

A Note: My area Target stores went from 30% off signs straight to 75% off. Although I found a few 50% off items in the last couple weeks...the signs (and the majority of toys) never went to half-off...they jumped from 30 to 75% off!


Tiffany said...

Thanks for the tip! Our Target didn't have NEARLY as much on sale but I was able to score a decent amount of things for the girls' Christmas + Savannah's birthday for $38. I may have to Target stalk for the next couple of weeks to see if they put more stuff on clearance.

Also, note - our Target didn't have the "white" baby alive on sale at ALL but had all the African American ones on clearance. SO dumb, needless to say I am in no way biased and bought Savannah the African American baby :)

Amy said...

WOW!!! You totally racked up! I have heard of the Target toy clearance, but never made it in time to find any good deals. My sister-in-law has scored some good stuff to use as birthday presents for her daughters friends. Glad you hit the jackpot!!