Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Don't ask me why, but today I was thinking about the alarm clock I had in high school. I could ALMOST picture it in my head and it made me smile. I remember I thought it was VERY cool and if I closed my eyes and concentrated, I could almost hear R.E.M.'s "Orange Crush" blaring from it on WDEK-92.5 FM (which is apparently now a Spanish broadcasting station). And I remembered it was cube-shaped and had a plug-in for ear phones (super cool). I could remember doing my spiral-permed hair HUGE in front of my dresser mirror while Peter, Cory and the gang waited impatiently for me outside in the green Impala or Buick or whatever it was green (I suffered from chronic lateness in HS..I blame the high-maintenance big hair). And then I could imagine us driving to school with INXS playing in the car. Oh - good times!

Anyway - tonight I found myself STILL thinking about that darn alarm clock! I just HAD to find a picture of it so I could accurately remember it. I can't admit how much time I spent with Google on this one (it takes awhile when you don't know the brand, not sure of the color...just that it was cool and cube-shaped. Do you KNOW how many alarm clocks were cube-shaped in the 80's?!

But my efforts were worth it....I found her! (and now I want her). Here she is...the super-duper cool P'Jammer! (how 80's is that name even?!)

I forgot she was multi-colored (see? cool!)..and I was right! a headphone jack right there on the front! LOVE! How can I get one?!

Go HERE to see her in action! (I totally need to get a life).

And now I'm going to join the "P'Jammers for Life" group on Facebook (think I'm making that one up? Go look! I dare you!)


Amy said...

Jodi, you crack me up!! You brought back memories of my roommate after college (one of my closest friends who delivered 3 of my 4 kids as it turned out!) She had a rooster or chicken alarm clock that sang the song, something like "Hey, WOW, come on and wake up and come and dance with me". The funny part is one time I went to Lisa's house and spent the night while Gary was traveling and I saw the same clock in their bedroom! I thought for sure it was for Garett or something but he was quite young at the time. Nope,,,,it was Gary's :)

jodi said...

LOL! I had the same clock!!!