Tuesday, December 07, 2010

If money, greed, practicality, etc. were no object....here's my Christmas wish list:

A live-in maid

An iPad and cute case (or the more affordable yet still out-of-budget Nook)

A cute (and soft) hat and mittens

Lots of Cute Socks!


A full day/evening with friends to shop, eat, shop, go to a movie, drink, shop

A super-plush Snuggie (cranberry or tan or chocolate)

A stereo speaker for the kitchen

Pretty smelling lotion

Wii Fit (but i'd rather get this cheap at a post-Christmas clearance sale)

iTunes gift card

A cross necklace (items listed in random order)

A really good chocolate bar (Godiva or the like)

Starbucks gift card(s)

Stylish shoes that fit (tennis shoes and cute dress-casual)

Blonde Hilights

Designer (looking) jeans

1 comment:

krys kirkpatrick said...

Everyone a winner. I have Ipad and love it. Happy Jolly winter to you. (with the jeans...I want the body too!)