Monday, January 03, 2011

I can't believe it...but my baby girl has a LOOSE TOOTH!

How did this happen? Already? I mean...she's just 5!
Is that normal? I'm not ready for teeth too big for her little head. I'm not ready! But, she is wiggling and wiggling...and it is getting looser and looser. So I set out to make a tooth fairy pouch for her. The first attempt? CRAFT FAIL!
The second attempt was a passable fail....we're going with that one. It would look better, except when I went to thread my bobbin I heard a sound like a pin falling down into the machine. Then I also noticed craft glue dried-onto the machine. Hmmm....someone's been sneaking into my stuff again! Could it be the same kid who put my Blackberry under the armoire...along with the food chopper? I think he's just messing with my head! Also the heat-activated velcro...LIES! I had to stitch the velcro on...and that's where the frog came cover up that horrendous stitching. Anyway - here's the tooth fairy pouch:

If you sew....don't judge. At least I'm trying!

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