Friday, December 12, 2008

I know I've posted Bailey singing this song once before - but is it me...or does it keep getting better? (sorry....Mom pride). Here she the ripe ole age of 13...singing her solo before the show choir concert (hence the sparkly dress). Also noteworthy - my Mom made Lauren a dress out of the same material because she was SOOOO jealous of Bailey's fancy dress. She wore it to the concert last night. So cute, right? Well...for about 15 minutes...and then NAUGHTY!!! I ended up giving her a tube of Mary Kay lip gloss since the pen/paper/snack/camera/etc. wasn't working to keep my little heathen quiet and in her seat for the rest of the concert. It shut her up for about 10-15 minutes....lip gloss on her cheeks, her eyebrows, her eyelids, eyelashes, nose, etc. I didn't care....she was quiet and not publicly disobedient for a few minutes. shwew. Ok - on to the video...then scroll down for pics of my sparkly dress girls.


M.A. said...

Oh, those pictures are so cute of the girls!!!!!!!

jami said...

omg, the sheer joy in her eyes to be wearing that dress! how funny!

Anonymous said...

wow!! THat song of Bailey was beautiful- hard song to sing and she did a wonderful job!! are tehy still perfroming for show choir???
Kari Osborne