Friday, December 19, 2008


Yea for snow days! Although the "storm" wasn't quite as awesome as super-dee-duper mega doppler-ologists was sufficient for keeping us all home today. (It is before Noon...I'm still happy about this...check back around 3 to see if I'm still glad the house is full).

I stayed in my flannel PJs until at least 10 a.m., drank lots of coffee, played around on Facebook awhile and finally decided to shower. While getting dressed I heard loud noises outside. What could it be? A plow? Construction equipment? No! Not one, but TWO of our new neighbors clearing our driveway AND sidewalks! AWESOME!!! I (heart) this new neighborhood and my neighbors!

So I thought I would show my gratitude with some holiday baking. Lauren was all set to "help" me and I was quite excited too. potty "accident" and several disobedient moments later...I'm baking alone. (Hey - hurts me more than her, right?). Now...on to the recipes. Turns out I have no butter, no frosting, no white cake mix (for the super-cool Santa cupcakes I was going to try), no appropriately-colored cupcake liners....totally unprepared (per usual).

So I'm going to venture outside to find the nearest grocery-type store so I can try to get this thank you gesture accomplished today. Why do I think my luck isn't going to improve. Stay tuned for pics of my baking genius later today.

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