Monday, December 01, 2008

We are all moved in to our new home! I promise I will take pictures soon...but I'd rather you come and visit us! If I show you on the blog - then you might not come.....

Anyway, we still have many, MANY more boxes to unpack, but we're in. We've successfully closed on the old house and have begun to settle in to our new address. We still feel like we're on vacation and might have to leave soon....or that the real owners will find us here and tell us to get out - ha. It is just such a dream - I take that back - I couldn't have even DREAMED of this house.

Lauren and Bailey are THRILLED with their new rooms and Grant is enjoying walking all over the place - exploring new cupboards to empty, new stairs to climb (and it seems he's even faster at it here). I'm figuring out all of our new appliances and working like a mad woman to get the garage organized enough so we can fit our vehicles inside it!

We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving in the new house (I have a picture - but it is on another camera - and I'm lazy - so I'll add it later - check back!). Despite my declaration that the kitchen would be closed during move-in week, I had a weak moment and bought a Turkey. The meal was simple - but the smell of turkey filled our home Thanksgiving day and we enjoyed a nice meal together in our formal dining room (who'd a-thunk?!)

Well - everyone but Lauren enjoyed the meal...she only ate a croissant and declared the rest "not her favorite." Ugh - that girl.

I skipped Black Friday - too tired. But I did try to get a nice picture of the kids for Christmas cards. They were dressed in browns and I had them sit in front of the fireplace under their stockings. But do you think....for one second I could get all 3 of them to look at the camera with their eyes OPEN and a decent expression on their face at the same time? 40+ pictures...and not ONE! And then Lauren started squirming and acting goofy and Grant started fussing because he wanted down....all the boy wants in life is down or up....and maybe food....that's it! Ugh - a do-over this weekend.
Saturday we ventured out to a tree farm to choose our first real Christmas tree. The weather was perfect - a little brisk - but great Christmas tree shopping weather. Lauren and Grant were surprised to see that Santa had made a special visit there. Lauren was VERY excited to see the jolly old soul, but Grant...not so much. Lauren told him that she'd be getting lots of toys....from HIM! (hate to break it to her about the "lots" part - ha). She said she wanted a guitar....just like Daddy. SWEET!

We settled on an 8-ft. Scotch Pine...and I LOVE IT! It is a beautiful tree...and you honestly have to touch it to know that it is's that good! Pictures of it lit-up and decorated coming soon.

Sunday Mother Nature decided it was time for a dose of winter - and the snow fell. Before the wind picked up, Lauren & I played outside and built a snowman. Well, I built it while she wandered around in the snow, made snow angels and "shoveled."

Already we are making wonderful new memories in our new home. We are so thankful for this gift....and remember every day what a blessing it is.

All of this is dampered though by bad news in our family. We are praying for Nancy & Bill....because sometimes all you can do is pray. God knows what they are going through - and He knows exactly what they need. I'm praying He brings that to them quickly....and I'm praying they know how very much they are loved. I hate cancer.


Andrea said...

Sounds like one big, happy family, Jodi!! Everything is falling in place for you so nicely and in perfect time for the holidays! Oh yeah, your hair lots great, too :)

jodi said...

I have a picky croissant eater too. She did "taste" the turkey this year but it was smothered in ketcup so I use that term loosely.

Glad you are in and enjoying your new home!

jami said...

omg, you said "vehicles." mom.