Monday, February 09, 2009

I don't know who "Craig" is...but I'm sure glad he has that list! I've gotten some amazing things for next to nothing on it and had a very enjoyable time looking through a lot of horrid things to find my treasures. I thought I'd post a few that made me laugh today. I'm posting the actual title or heading to the ad, followed by the picture. Accurate descriptions? You be the judge. LOL. My own comments are in parentheses.

Classy End Table (you know right off the bat this is going to be a good laugh. "Classy"...oooo..I can't wait to open this picture...)

V-Day Gift! Weight Watchers Cookbooks plus extras $20 (are they KIDDING? If Mark every bought me a WW anything for Valentine's Day I'd be so angry (AND hurt!))

Horse Touch Lamp (Sho-nuff!)

Shabby Sheik Sofa (No, I am NOT kidding...this is how they spelled it. The photo isn't too bad...but I was picturing something more like this:)

Oh there's so much more...but I'm going to stop....for tonight. =-)


jodi said...

Shabby Sheik! I'm dying over here! That's hilarious!!!

Quilting Bea said...

Jodi told me to look at the Shabby Sheik. That's hysterical. I didn't even know you had a web site! Something else for me to read now.
Jo Beth

Amy said...

ROTFL!! Great post! I needed a good laugh!