Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Little Springtime

Oh, MAN is the weather great this weekend! A little slice of temporary springtime to brighten moods and medicate sun-deprived hearts. Isn't it just amazing what a little sun and moderate temps will do for a person? And boy did we need a little pick-me-up around here. The kids have been sick since early January. I took them both for an ear re-check yesterday to learn that they still both have ear infections. Grant is on his third round of antibiotics. Doc said if this doesn't clear it up we'll be looking at a visit to an ENT. Great. Just great. In the meantime, it's more antibiotics for both kids and Grant gets two nebulizer treatments a day.
I hate winter.

Even though they haven't been feeling healthy, I let them go out and play today (ears covered though). Man are we loving our new neighborhood. It seems when the temperature hit 50 and above....everyone comes out of hiding and into the cul-du-sac. yea! Friday night I looked out and Bailey was playing catch with THREE other girls her age! Right in the middle of the cul-du-sac. Then Mark took Lauren out and she played with her new neighbor friend who is just a year older than Lauren. They had a ball zipping around in Madison's Barbie jeep. Mark had a good time chattin' it up with the other Dads while the girls played. Grant & I stayed inside Friday night and watched from the window. Oh it just brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to watch that stuff! This really is a dream come true...our new home...a neighborhood where the kids can play safely and we can enjoy our neighbors. sigh...we are truly blessed. It was a hard road to get here though. It seemed unattainable at times. And today we learned the difficult guy that we bought this house from.....fraud charges. It doesn't affect us...but a sad, sad story of what can happen when you let greed into your life.

Today I took all the kids out. Grant had fun trompin' around and riding trikes with HIS new neighbor friend, Zoe. I got to meet the neighbors again and hope to develop relationships with some or all of them later.

Mark is having fun (trust's fun for him even if he complains) cleaning out the garage. He's mounting bikes on the wall, sorting, cleaning, hanging rakes and brooms...creating his man-zone.

Now I know there was significant snow melt and all, but our back yard seems to really have a swamp you think we'll have to call the sod guy back in the spring to regrade? Or is it just like this because the sod hasn't really "taken" yet? Anyone have any experience on this subject?

Ah....I wish it were really spring and not just a teaser....but I'll take it and enjoy it just the same.


Andrea said...

All grass looks crappy this time of year! :) Give the frost a chance to thaw and then decide. Everything is holding water right now. How great for you to have such a nice, little neighborhood!

Ashley Jo Vance said...

I am so happy that you finally found the perfect neighborhood. The pictures really made me smile! I only hope to one day be able to move into a similar neighborhood for my family. I am so nervous, though, that by the time I am ready to have children there won't be any nice and safe ones left. I can only pray. Congratulations again on your new home!