Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We made the best of Super Bowl Sunday this year. Although I had hoped to have a party - or at least have a few friends over to watch the game with us (read: eat, drink, & watch commercials), we were still sick around here. Determined to not let the never-ending sicknesses stop us from having a good time, I made the best of it.

I picked up 3D glasses at our local grocery store, made chili and taco dip and did my very best to create a fun environment for us. Of course once the game started the kids started to melt down (what IS it about 5 o'clock until bedtime?!). A pair of 3D glasses was ripped in half before kick-off and the noisest toys we own became the favorites as we were trying to listent to the game. (sigh).

I wasn't THAT into the game, since MY TEAM wasn't in the Bowl this year, but I did have an interest in Kurt Warner. A seemingly good man (far too many of these around these days) with Iowa roots. I'll root for him. Of course that was probably a curse - sorry, Kurt.

Anyway, the game was getting good when I realized I hadn't bathed the kids in....well....not going to admit how long. So as not to miss anything, I threw them in the kitchen sink. (thank you open floor plan!) Not a horrible idea for Grant...but poor Lauren had her knees up to her ears in there. But hey - she was cleaned and I didn't miss a play. Good thing I didn't take them up to the tub because Grant would have missed this Cardinals touchdown!

In other news, I continue to struggle with what to do with our gazillion windows...all naked. I'm overwhelmed by their bareness and so I just don't make any decisions. I HAVE to get on that...soon.

I picked up a good bargain this week though for the family room. You KNOW how a good bargain excites me. How much do you love Craig's List? If you haven't bought or sold on there yet...get going! It's AWESOME! You have to weed through a bunch of junk...but the diamond is always in there somewhere. I got a really cute but not perfect side table for $10. PERFECT for next to the couch. And I'm currently waiting to hear back if my offer was accepted on this really faux wicker set that I'd like for my front porch.

This week is sort of back to normal around here (FINALLY), although filled with doctor appointments (ear re-checks, dentist, the dreaded annual exam for me, etc.). I'll be so glad when we don't have to administer meds, schlep everyone to the doctor, etc.

Speaking of medicine, Monday I took Lauren's antibiotic out of the fridge and it fell on the floor, breaking the cap. I stuck it back in the fridge on a high shelf. Later that morning I found a bib stuck behind something in the had bright pink stains on it. I questioned Lauren (always start w/Lauren) - asked her what the pink was. She admitted "medicine." I pulled her aside and asked her if she drank any. She said no. I told her it was very important to tell me the dangerous it would be if she drank it, etc. She said it spilled. I ran to the fridge and sure 'nuff...there was a little pink sticky matter on the floor of the fridge and a small bit on the floor in front of the fridge. I scolded her about getting into things, being sneaky, the dangers of touching medicine, etc. THEN...a couple hours later..she starts She did this several times. I called the pediatrician who told me to call Poison Control. Based on the info we DID know (a lot of unknowns though), they determined she had consumed enough to warrant the ER...but since a couple hours had passed and since she had vomited...they instead said to call the pediatrician back and let them know they recommended kidney function tests.

I had my annual exam scheduled, and you know how long it takes to get in if you have to reschedule, so Mark took Lauren in for the blood draw. I'm happy to say that her blood work came back ok. (NOW I can wring her little neck for being sneaky, lying to me and taking yet another year or two off of my life). We do have to wait to restart antibiotics though...since they don't know for sure how much her system absorbed before vomiting. So right now we're praying the ear infections and urinary tract infection just goes away before they check her on Friday. If not, here we go with antibiotics again.

Enough drama for '09 already!


kmb said...

my goodness! SO naughty! and lying... blech.

jodi said...

That's scary about the meds! Yikes! But a note on the Superbowl...I haven't watched an entire game in 6 years. Let's old is Savannah??? :)