Saturday, September 05, 2009

Big to-do list this weekend! The weather is supposed to be nice again, so I want to take advantage and get out there and get to work! I have plants to move and plants to throw away (oops..guess watering them daily helps). I also want to paint the mud room (that little B**** Maggie...she's chewed the wall TWICE now! The second time JUST as my drywall mud was almost dry). I want to repair driveway/sidewalk cracks, fix the holes I made yesterday in Lauren's wall while I was installing her curtain rod. It is NOT a job for one person, people. I should have waited for help...but a girl can only wait so many days for help before she goes crazy and tries to do it herself! I also need to clean out the van, catch up on laundry, clean up the basement, get a shade/blind/something hung over the kitchen window...that afternoon sun drives me NUTS while I"m trying to make dinner.

I also hope to do something fun with the fam...but not sure what or where or when.

Hope all of you (yep - all 3 of you) have a great Labor Day weekend!!!

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