Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day! We enjoyed our long weekend at home this year. Lots of relaxation, playing with the kids, selecting a new chair/ottoman from the furniture store (I chose a stripe...and I'm worried to death that I'm not going to like it when I see it on an actual chair instead of just the sample fabric. Crossing my fingers though!)

I enjoyed a lunch alone with my husband, several trips to Menards...where I did NOT save big money, painted the mud room "smoky purple," avoided laundry and other much-needed cleaning, worked my last scheduled shift in the nursery (moving to the sub list - yea!) and then took the kiddles on an impromptu photo shoot. I'm definitely NOT a professional, but I don't think I did too bad with my little digital camera. I'm now really wanting a bigger/better one though because there were a lot of good shots I missed. I want a camera that lets you hold down the button and it will click, click, click away without a delay in-between shots.

Here's a slideshow of all the pics I took...they aren't all good...but all-in-all...not too bad I think.

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kmb said...

These are so good!!

I'm debating whether to comment:

a. You should print some of these, put them in your window, and come up with the prices you're going to charge as a professional photographer.

b. I want to hear audio.

jodi said...

Those are great! Love the location. It's hard to take bad pictures of such cute subjects. I have the same "problem"! :)

I see an awesome scrapbook page in your future!