Friday, September 25, 2009

I was going to order a birthday cake for Grant today while I was birthday-shopping....but then I stumbled on this at Wal-Mart and I was hooked.

I have little faith in my ability to pull it off, but it never stops me from trying. I THINK if I fail horribly I'll still have time to order a cake. Cross your fingers!

But as excited as I am to make Grant's "choo-choo" cake for his 2nd birthday, I am bummed that I didn't see this idea before now. Have you ever seen anything so cute in your whole life?! It makes me want to be that person that throws a party for no particular reason...just so I can make this stuff! What do you think? Play date extraordinaire? Maybe this winter when I'm going stir-crazy in the house. We'll see. Thanks to Hostess With The Mostess for sharing such cute ideas on her blog!

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kmb said...

scratch the birthday cake order... I want cookie monster!! People are SO creative. Oh my goodness.