Friday, April 30, 2010

It was fun guest blogging over at The Girl Creative on Tuesday, but I'm sorry to report that I'm still at 4 "followers" on my blog. Pretty pathetic. Traffic did pick up a LOT on Tuesday with visits from Diana's site, but I guess I need to keep working on my content to achieve real popularity. And isn't that interesting that popularity still matters at age 38? ha. I guess it really doesn't. It's more about documenting who I am for my kids and documenting their childhood in my voice. Thanks to Diana for giving me the opportunity - I felt honored.

Ok - on to a new topic. Have you been over to Poppies at Play? She has the most AMAZING thing going on right now - a Parade of Homes! I am in love with this idea! And in awe the amazing housekeepers and DECORATORS posting their homes! My idea file is growing by the second! Go check it out! SO FUN!

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