Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday was a busy day! First we had Lauren's dance pictures. Hair in a bun, pale pink blush applied, sequins adorned....she was ready...AND excited!

Then I met someone from Craigslist to complete a sale. I've sold quite a few things last week and need to post more today. It is a wonderful feeling to get rid of things you don't need or use!

Home for a quick bite to eat and then off we went for Bailey's solo contest. She was AMAZING! She scored a "I" rating...but honestly it wouldn't have mattered. She sang her heart out and I couldn't have been more proud of not only her talent, but the manner in which she conducts herself. I'm a lucky Mom.

Back home again for a marathon afternoon of laundry and another Craigslist sale. was a great weekend.

And now it's Monday again and here's my to-do list:

* Plant lily bulbs

* Spray tulips/iris/lilies with more deer/rabbit repellent (dumb rabbits)
* Menu-plan!
* More laundry (I can ALMOST see the end..which is as close to done as it ever gets)

* List more items on Craigslist
* Strip beds/wash sheets (I can already predict this one won't happen)
* Vacuum!!
* Unload/load dishwasher

* Return Redbox movie

* Plan out raised flower bed

* Clean out fridge

* Buy bread/milk

Exciting stuff...I know. Have a great Monday!

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