Sunday, January 07, 2007

A couple months ago, my husband put up with a "scrapbooking weekend" in our basement. That meant that several craft-toting women showed up with snacks, slippers and several hundred pounds worth of gear to invade our home while he watched the girls. Now THAT'S a husband. On the flipside...there IS payback to be had. And today is part of that.

Mark set his alarm clock for 4:45 A.M. this morning (who DOES that?!@#) so he could get out to the garage for some HAM radio time. (go for it, I say - it's still DARK out!). I checked on him at a little after 8 a.m. Now...does this look like a man enjoying a good time in his "man room" or what?!

A ham radio? Check. Coffee? Check. No women/girls allowed? Check.

Agh...I know the feeling of divine solitude (or at least I think I remember it)...and it is absolutely heavenly and recharging for the soul. And that's why I am enthusiastically supportive of his agenda today. (but don't think it's gonna be every weekend, buddy).

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