Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I just finished watching The Today Show segment on "cocktail playdates" and I'm infuriated! If you didn't catch it - see it here:

If you are a level-headed, responsible mother who has ever had a SINGLE GLASS OF WINE in the presence of your children - well, Meredith Viera and "Dr. Janet Taylor and mother of four" have painted you out to be a horribly irresponsible and FAILING "babysitter" who is not fit to parent. Poor and unsuspecting Mommy blogger, Melissa Summers was sucker-punched by the news giant - and it makes me MAD!
(See her side of the story here...

Now I know it has been quite a few years since I was in journalism school - but it seems I remember something about TELLING THE TRUTH as a core principle of journalism? Sure, getting all sides of the story is key - but it was blatantly clear that NBC WANTED this story to be about Mommies jeopardizing their children's safety at play dates - it was obvious - from the leading questions, the obnoxious set decor and camera shots of children appearing within reach of giant wine glasses - disgusting.

I think we all agree - as did the Mommy victim on the set - that excessive drinking while caring for our children - probably not a good idea....but an occasional glass of wine while we socialize with other ADULTS while our children play together? Why not? Case by case basis, I say -- but let's lay down our pitchforks and quit trying to constantly prove how Moms are doing it all wrong. Someone is always trying to make us feel like horrible failures. Whether you work or stay-at-home...whether you have a glass of wine when you are caring for YOUR child...or whether you use Pampers instead of Huggies. SOMEONE - SOMEWHERE will be at the ready telling you what a horrible excuse for a mother you are because of your parenting choices. Isn't that what our kids are for? To tell us later how bad we screwed it up?

I just think these OPINIONS should not be given by a news personality such as Meredith Viera. Present the FACTS and then let your audience form the opinion.

Can't we just all get along? Mommies Unite! And Cheers to that I say! (clink!)

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