Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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Helps Us Save Our Ancient Forest! Second Rally and Petition Drive
Walker Johnston Park in Urbandale, Iowa 50322

Just West of Urbandale City Hall
TUESDAY MAY 8th, 5-9pm

Stanbrough Development and the City of Urbandale are planning to destroy the 27 acres of hills and trees of the 200+ year old mature Oak Savanna Forest, located at 142nd & Douglas. It is one of the last old-growth forests in the metro area!! Your action is the only chance to save this unique and precious Iowa resource.

The decision will be made at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 8, 7pm.

How can you help?
1) Copy this flyer / petition and give / send to everyone you know… doesn’t matter where they live!

2) Sign the bottom and gather as many signatures as possible (use back if too many)

3) Fax this petition to all of the following: City of Urbandale fax: 278-3905 Fax to Anyone Polk County Conservation Board fax: 323-5354 Who Might Care! KCCI News fax: 244-0202 WHO-TV News fax: 242-3796

4) CALL/EMAIL the City of Urbandale and ask them to save this forest as a city park! Phone: 278.3900 email:cityhall@urbandale.org

5) Meet us at 5pm Tuesday, May 8 at Walker Johnston Park just west of the Urbandale City Hall. Bring your family & friends, signs, musical instruments, cameras and refreshments. We will save this forest if you help the neighbors demonstrate.

6) Attend the Urbandale City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 8, 7pm.

Petition: We the undersigned respectfully demand that the City of Urbandale preserve this ancient forest as a Uniquely Urbandale city park. Any development will destroy this public resource! Name snail/email address Name snail/email address ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

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