Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today was Ultrasound day. I was so worried about the baby's health. Maybe because there is so much hype once you hit the magic "35." Funny though - the day before I turned 35, there would have been no extra tests, no long ultrasound, etc. But now I'm the big 3-5 and yikes - lots of precautions! So today was ultrasound #2. The first was at my first appointment to help determine due date mostly. Today was in-depth. It was a 30-minute ultrasound where they looked closely at the brain, the spine, the kidneys, the neck, key bones, etc. At first glance, looks like we have a healthy one!

The thickness of the neck was not consistent with Down Syndrome, the spine appeared closed and correct, the kidneys were identified - looked good, the brain was there and no noted problems, the fluid was right-on, the growth of the baby was great...SHWEW! Because the baby is still small, they couldn't get a real close look at the heart, so I get to do that next month.

We also learned the baby's gender today. And what did we find out, you ask? Well, this "momoftwogirls" is having....a....

BOY!!!!!!! Yikes!...I can hardly believe it!!!! I have no idea what to do with one of those...Girls - I know...a boy? NO FRIGGIN' IDEA! But we are sooooo excited! So much for privacy, poor little guy - look for the little white arrow in the photo below...pointing at the...well...proof. The ultrasound tech said she was VERY sure it is a boy. I'm still in shock.

Below is a picture of his back/spine. His leg is up above...head to the far right. his...HIS! Sounds so strange to say! Oh my goodness! - I'm going to have a SON! A BOY! Wow...still surreal. Oh - and the smile on Mark's face - PRICELESS! I know he did not wish for a healthy boy any more than he wished for a healthy girl...but seeing the excitement and dreams come across his face - melted my heart. And I can't think of a better person to teach our little guy how to be a good man. Wow. God is so good.


jame said...

yay! another nephew! congratulations!

Heather Melzer said...

Congratulations! I'm right there with ya - have no idea what we're going to do with our little guy when he arrives, eek!