Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday night is my favorite! A) I don't have to cook (pizza night); B) Everyone is usually home together and relaxed for the first time all week; C) We aren't worried about our to-do list for the weekend yet; and D) MOVIE NIGHT!

This week I bought a take 'n bake pizza from Presto! Pizza on Merle Hay. If you haven't tried that place - you must. Then I buzzed down to Blockbuster and rented Charlotte's Web, Freedom Writers and DreamGirls. Charlotte's Web was tolerable...but it is hard to mess with a classic book like my fond memories of the cartoon-version I saw as a kid. Freedom Writers was good - but very trite. How many white girl working with inner-city youth to make a difference movies do we need to see?

But the best - BY FAR - was DreamGirls. Although some PG-13 Content, overall it was GREAT! Our toddler danced and sang throughout the whole thing, and our pre-teen loved it too. We appreciated that they kept it a "musical." Thumbs-Up on this one!

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