Thursday, July 26, 2007

Saturday we take Sadie to Iowa City to spend a week with a potential adoptive family. =-( We are so sad to "re-home" her, but know it is truly best for her if we can find her a home where she can run, play, run...and did I say run? We just don't have the time and energy she requires. She's a Border Collie to a "T" when it comes to energy. To make it even more difficult, we had her groomed today and when we picked her up they had placed ADORABLE baby blue bows on her ears. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! NOW how are we supposed to give her up? But if we truly think of her...and what's best for is a family with a great big yard and lots of time and energy.

The family we are test-running her with lives on 5 acres of land and the mom and two teenage daughters are avid runners. PERFECT! But I think we will all shed some tears when she's gone. Here are a few post-grooming photos of Sadie. We'll miss you!

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Andrea said...

Sad time for you guys! Remember, it is every dogs dream to live on an acreage!!