Monday, July 30, 2007

What a weekend! We didn't DO anything pe se, but a lot of mundane that leads to stress. First of all, Sadie has been delivered to her potential new home in Iowa City. We all bawled - but she seems to be transitioning fine. They are so sweet to keep sending us e-mail updates on her progress. Yesterday she ran outside without a leash all day and played with her new friend "Shadow," an older golden lab mix. They said she was tumbling and rolling around with Shadow having a good ole time. It is still VERY sad for us, but hearing that sort of thing confirms that we did the right thing for Sadie.

A big thanks to Grandma for taking Bailey to the mall that morning to take her mind off of things. Probably bad that I'm promoting retail therapy, but better than emotional eating, right? =-)

Yesterday was another Open House. We did are usual cleaning routine that morning, but with a little less oomph. I think we've decided to throw in the towel and list with a realtor. We are coming down to the wire now on both the offer we have on the house we want AND our due it is really starting to weigh on me. Not knowing if we are coming or going - but really all of us hoping and praying that we are going (we love the new house and it meets almost everything on our checklist of ideal features). We'll see if listing with a realtor helps or not. If you are reading this and are the praying type - please pray for us on this!

After the Open House we went to pick the girls up at Grandma & Grandpa's and stayed to watch a movie. Then we stopped by our neighbor's house to wish him a happy 80th birthday! They are the absolute sweetest couple and we will miss them TERRIBLY if/when we move.

That pretty much sums up the weekend. I will spare you the 3rd trimester can't sleep at all at night for more than 1-2 hours whining (sort of)...I guess it is nature's way of gearing you up for when it'll get even worse. ha.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too.

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