Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help me choose a paint color for the kitchen! I honestly don't have time to paint before we move....but it will be more difficult to do once counters and appliances are in there, so I better do it now. Here's the kitchen cabinet colors:

And here's the short-list of colors:

(SW - Fired Brick) (don't worry - this isn't really grey in-person - it is green. "Meadow Trail") actually it looks more like this:

That's all I have so far - just a brick red and a sage-ish green. Other suggestions? And then how far do I take that color? Do I paint the eat-in-kitchen area the same as the family room....or the same as the kitchen? Here's a picture showing how the eat-in-kitchen area is sort of connected to the kitchen area. And then a picture of how it morphs into the family room.

and here's the family room color I'm thinking about, (looks more goldish-tan in real-life), which I think will tie-in well whether I pick the reddish color OR the greenish color.

HELP! Tell me what you think.


M.A. said...

I'm hoping I'm replying to the correct post because my 'puter is doing a wacky thing right now.

But the only color I didn't completely regret in my house is the yellow in my kitchen. It is like a butter yellow...not loud or insane asylum bright, but a nice, warm, butter yellow. It even needs to be repainted and I am thinking about repainting the same yellow color!

What direction do the windows face in your kitchen?

Tiffany said...

You're right - either color would look GREAT! Buuuut I'm partial to the burnt reds, it's the color scheme we're going with if/when we EVER get around to painting [not likely know me].

And I think you should paint the eat-in the same color. 1] saves you a little bit of a work of finding a transition color and 2] well, I don't actually have a 2. Humph.

My 2 cents, for what it's worth ;)

Jessica said...

Are you doing hardwood throughout the entire floor? We have the exact same kitchen/eat-in/family room layout. We did the same colors you chose, but the light tan is in the kitchen and eat in area. I personally wanted the kitchen the lighter color (but that's totally personal preference) and then we have the family room the burnt orange color that you selected. I did the dark color in the family room because I liked the way it blended with the fireplace. I love all these colors and I don't think you will go wrong anyway you choose. I would suggest getting some sample cans at Lowes and painting the colors on and seeing how you like them for a few days with the sun shining in etc.... You're making me want to paint! My dining room and living room need it bad :)

Heather said...

You know me ... the red!! I love red in the kitchen & it will look great with the cabinets. You can decorate with any colors as most "earthy" colors look fab with red!!
I am so excited to see it!!!