Monday, October 20, 2008


So I'm cleaning out the food storage container cupboard in preparation of our hopefully someday pending move.....and I see that several of my Tupperware containers are either stained (and I've tried everything to get the discoloration out) or corroded (probably from the microwave?). I remembered that Tupperware is a good ole-fashioned USA company....with a lifetime warranty on their products. I remembered that I had a couple containers crack in the past and they were awesome about sending me new ones - no charge.

So, I thought I'd call Tupperware about these 5 bowls. I mean - you pay a premium for Tupperware - you sort of expect good service, right? Because if it weren't a good product/company then we'd just buy all Ziploc or Glad, right?

Well, I was told that Tupperware only covers chipping, breaking, cracking or something else - melting? Anyway - I'm outta luck, basically. Here that, Glad & Ziploc? I'm comin' your way...cuz it feels a lot easier throwing away a $1 container than it does a $15 container! Oh well, that's five bowls/lids that I don't have to pack and move.

So Tupper-BEWARE! A lifetime warranty is not what you think it is. Here's their policy in case you are wondering.

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