Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, we're making progress on the new house! Yesterday the garage door opener was installed, the furnace was hooked up, the fireplace is working, the lights are on, the plumb work is well under way and the grading and haul-away has begun on the yard. The floors have been screwed down and the mail box will be framed up soon. We've put deposits down/ordered the wood flooring, the countertops, the sinks, the carpeting and tile. Shwew! Soon it will really begin to take shape and I can't wait!

I'd post pictures of these things - but I dropped my camera (lesson in always using the wrist strap) and broke it. =-( PAINFUL! I can borrow Bailey's camera - but just haven't yet. Soon I'll take pictures of the progress being made.

On the current home front - I continue to pack, sort, donate, etc. On today's list to pack is half of our towels and framed pictures/art. Slowly....but surely.

Kids are all doing well. Tonight Lauren will go to dance class in her Halloween costume (Tigger). She is excited to bounce on her tail. hmmm....hate to break it to her, but....

Grant is in need of a winter coat, but I just haven't had time to go shop for one. he also needs a hat/mittens. In the meantime, he does at least have a fairly hefty fall coat that we're making do with.

Bailey is busy with school work and show choir stuff. Mark studied science with her last night for an hour & a half. We'll see how that went, since today is the test. She's taking a H.S. science class and isn't doing her best so far. This is the first year she's really had to try....and it is an adjustment for her.

On the funny-front. Lauren said that something was really "Meat" the other day. ha! She meant "neat"...like "cool"....too funny.

More later...with pics! I still have to open up the CD of Grant's 1-year pictures to show you! I just haven't had time - crazy, crazy times here.


Faerie Mom said...

I understand crazy!! Can't wait to see pics of the house. I suggest ebay to get a coat for your boy. Easy and fast right from the house. Ships right to you.... no shopping involved! LOL I am just lazy.

Amy said...

I am impressed that you updated your blog in the midst of all of this. WOW! I wanted to let you know that I "tagged" you for a sort of "blog game" in my 10-22 blog entry. So, if you have the time and interest, feel free to play! :-)