Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Four more days until we start moving! Yesterday and today the wood floors were being sanded and sealed. Then the carpet is laid and the half-bath plumbing is completed. Then the fridge and stove are delivered. Then we have an inspection. THEN our family room furniture arrives Saturday (Happy Birthday to me...for the next 10 years.....plus anniversaries).

I just can't believe we are this close! I'm making headway at our current home too. Selling small things right and left on Craig'slist, packing boxes...and still managing a load of laundry or two. We donated our washing machine and it will be gone on Wednesday....so I'm trying to get as much laundry done as possible!

Lauren is excited to move to the new house - but man-alive has she been having a had time with the busy schedule/less attention! (or else that's not the reason and sh'es just naughty!). She's been getting into things - dumping shampoo bottles when no one is looking, wetting her pants (no way is this an "accident."), sassing - just being VERY difficult! She's also a little jealous of Grant lately too. He has started walking. Of course we make a big deal out of that....and she is clearly jealous. She wants us to watch HER walk...and then she proceeds to imitate Grant's toddles. We play along...."Great job, Lauren!"

I really think all of this has to do with how chaotic it has been lately - getting ready to move, etc. Plus she's fighting a cold - and that never helps. I'm trying to stop what I'm doing and spend time with her - coloring, dancing - whatever....but it doesn't seem to be helping. Let's pray this is a phase that passes SOON!

Today I'm off to Bed, Bath & Beyond to return a shower curtain....and then to Target to return a shower curtain. (of all of the decisions I've made in the last month - how ridiculous that the one I'm struggling with is a SHOWER CURTAIN?! ha).

Ok - better get crackin'

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