Friday, November 07, 2008

Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart (and you KNOW how I hate that) to pick up new bedding for Lauren. When we move she is switching from her Toddler bed to a twin bed...and Bailey will be switching to a full or queen. Here's what she picked after I talked her out of the Disney princess one (gack). I also picked up a full/queen sized plain white down (or down-like..not sure) comforter to go inside the Ikea duvet cover Bailey picked for her new room.

Later that day I headed over to the new house to check out the hard wood installation...but guess what? They didn't show up! (grrrrr). They ARE there today though...and even though it will still need to be sanded and looks GREAT even now! YEAH! Things are finally coming together! Appliances arrive Tuesday (or is it Wednesday?)

This weekend we are installing ceiling fans, painting, installing the over-the-range (no range yet...but...) microwave, running cables, etc. I WAS going to plant the 100 tulip bulbs and 60 hyacinth bulbs I bought...but since it is currently in the 30's and SNOW FLURRIES (so not funny)...I guess I'll wait a week until it gets the 40's. (woo - balmy).

Hope to take a pic of hardwood tonight. stay tuned!

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Amy said...

Hey, don't knock 40 degrees. Take it from one who has lived in warm weather place beats the Midwest, not even in winter (well, except maybe for a week or two getaway, but not to live there.)