Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well, our back-up digital camera (Bailey's) is also now BUSTED! AAAAGH! Life without digital photography = hell for the blogging Mommy! AND....Grant just started walking! WALKING! And I have no way to document this on my blog via still photography! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

AND....we now have wood flooring, countertops, bathroom vanity tops, more paint colors to discuss, new appliances.....and I can't show you! I can't document this to put in a scrapbook I will someday (ha) create!

I'm so sad about this!!!!!!

Ok - back to packing....and sulking.


Amy said...

I would be going nuts, too! I am nothing without my camera....I wonder how much therapy my kids will need because of how much I take their picture!

jodi said...

I feel ya! I had to send mine off in March of this year to be fixed and there were SO many things that happened while it was gone! Major bummer! :)