Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm getting Excited!

Today the tile guy was back finishing the tile installation. After the grout goes on tomorrow the tile will be done! Then on Thursday the hardwood floors go down (just step one in the hardwood process though). Tomorrow the irrigation is supposed to be installed and then sod follows shortly after (weather permitting).

There's been a slight delay on the countertops/bath vanity tops, which unfortunately throws lots of other things off-course...but it's all good. Although we won't be moving in as quickly as we had hoped, it is still looking like we'll be in before Thanksgiving.

I took some pictures tonight so I could show you! Some of them are kind of yellow-tinted..no idea why. (I miss my camera!!! Wear that dumb little wrist strap people - don't say I didn't warn ya!)

I'm a little worried about the master bath vanity tops I chose now. After seeing the tile down (and I truly LOVE IT!)...i'm wondering if I should have went a little more boring/bland with the sink/counters. Oh well...if I screwed up...the master bath is a good place to do that I suppose.

The kitchen, eat-in-kitchen area and Bailey's bedroom are now painted. The family room is taped off and paint purchased and Grandma mentioned she'd like to paint Lauren's room. I'd like to get Grant's room painted before-hand too. Although he won't know the difference, I can paint the other rooms in the house while the kids nap...I can't paint the kid's rooms while they nap. make sense?

I SHOULD be spending more time getting my current house ready to move...but I'm too excited and can't help working at the new house. I can't wait to get everything finished so I can LIVE THERE!
Here are a few pictures:

Fireplace tile (remember - not grouted yet and spacers are still in-between the tiles) and a close-up... This is a slate tile.

Then for the mud room, kid's bath and laundry room I just went with a low-cost neutral. Mud room: Kid's bath: Laundry room:

Master bath tile (same kind of tile on around tub and on the floor): This is not grouted yet and still has spacers in-between. I LOVED this around the tub!
The painted kitchen: (Sherwin-Williams "Sierra Redwood")

Bailey's bedroom, which she painted herself...to match the duvet cover she chose from Ikea.


Amy said...

I really like the color you painted the kitchen!

Kelly Moore said...

Holy cow! I can't believe how far it's come since I came over. Wowza! It's looking great...

M.A. said...

Beautiful! How exciting!