Thursday, January 28, 2010

The big reveal...

Here are the Valentines! First up....Lauren's valentines for her preschool friends:

Second up....for Lauren and Grant's playgroup friends:

Cute idea, huh? I borrowed it from the 24 7 365 blog. So stinkin' creative! And while we're on the subject of photography (well...we sort of are) are the 8x10 canvas prints I ordered just before Christmas from Canvas People. They were (still are I think) running a promotion for a FREE 8x10 canvas - you just pay shipping & handling..which I think was around $14. The special is one per address, so I just had one shipped to my Mom and one shipped to a neighbor to complete this grouping.

This is my formal dining room (yes, that's clutter in the corner...we're looking at the wall here people...eyes up!):

I just ordered a 12x18 canvas print from ArtsCow for a grand total of $9.99, which included shipping! (wow! THAT'S a deal!) Use code 12x18CANVAS at checkout. This time I ordered a wedding picture. We don't have any up in our home, so I thought this would be a good one for the master bedroom? (Is that where you all put a wedding picture?) This offer is good until 2/1....go get yours now! Here's the picture I ordered for that print:


jodi said...

I'm totally stealing the Vday card idea.

Just thought you should know. :)

Missy... said...

Adorable! I made one just like it for my oldest...we must stalk the same blogs! :)

Missy... said...

Sorry, I meant to mention that I found your blog off the DM Moms Like Me site (or whatever it is called!). I try not to go there too often otherwise I end up spending hours. :) Today, however, I saw "she" (I don't even know her name!) tweeted about what other moms from around the metro were blogging about. So, that's how I found you. :)

We're in Ankeny. I'm guessing you're close???

Ironically, Grant was on our (very) short list of boy names too!

Happy Tuesday!