Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby!

I don't think we've had a full week of school since before that possible? If this is what it feels like to thanks!

Here's a few shots to show you what's going on in the "Heartland."

YESTERDAY: (frozen fog left beautiful white ice on the landscape, but roads were fine. Doesn't it look like an old-fashioned freezer that severly needs defrosting?) Also - a great big sarcastic THANK YOU to the city for completely plowing the fire hydrant under. Hope there isn't a fire...because it is going to take a fire axe to get through the frozen snow and ice to dig out the hydrant. Ok - I feel better now.

TODAY: (Freezing rain - not so pretty. Schools are closed (AGAIN!) and roads are bad. They are predicting 1/2" of ice when it's all said and done.)

(view from our big front milk glass!)

Thank goodness for this guy today!


kmb said...

I'm pretty sure I can hear ice hitting my window. It makes me want to go to Starbucks for a warm beverage. But I actually already did that today. I wouldn't have even thought about ice until I looked at all your pictures. Boo boo boo. At least tomorrow is a public transportation day!

jodi said...

Oh I love it! I know it gets old for people living there, but it's been YEARS since I've seen a pretty view like that in my yard. Down here, school gets cancelled if snow is PREDICTED. I'm not even kidding.

Jess said...

HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm jealous!