Thursday, January 28, 2010

This morning I attempted a "photo shoot" with the two smallest of 'em. I needed a good shot with their fists stretched outward for an AWESOME Valentine's Day card idea I found on someone else's blog (oh what would I do without the crafties out there in blogland?!). Anyway - I figured it wouldn't take long (HA!). I mean - I only needed a quick shot with fists out and a nice smile. How hard is that?! (Attention children's are SAINTS!)

First I started with an individual of Lauren for her preschool classmates. This was not easy..but we got it. I'm deciding between these shots - feel free to vote in the comments section! I like the horizontal shot, but I'm worried it won't leave me enough room under her hand to do what I need to for this "craft."

Next up was a shot of the two of them together for their playgroup friends. I wanted them to hold hands and then hold their clasped hands outward...and I wanted them to look at the camera at the same time...and I wanted them to smile...and I wanted them to HOLD STILL! And I would really like world peace.

I thought you might enjoy the pictoral storyboard of this one:
So it's between these two shots for the final product. The first one is the best...but their hands aren't outstretched...and I really need that for this project. So I'll probably go with the 2nd shot. Feel free to vote on this one too though!

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