Wednesday, June 27, 2007

FINALLY! Under 100 days to go until this baby is born! Maybe it is the summer heat & humidity or maybe it is just my impatient nature....but it feels like this pregnancy has been going on now for years! ugh. I shouldn't be in a hurry though - we still have our house to sell so we can move into the new one before someone else snatches it up from under us...and then I still have to paint, buy some furniture, make a nursery for this son of mine. LOTS to do! And I can only seem to muster the energy to do something until 1 p.m....and then narcolepsy-like symptoms hit.

I'm so excited for this baby - but also so relieved it is my last. I'm not a glowing pregnant woman. I'm a whining, hot, uncomfortable, impatient pregnant type. Not fun for anyone I"m afraid.

But....only 99 days to go!

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