Thursday, September 25, 2008

I thought David Letterman's criticism of John McCain was a little harsh. I won't be voting for McCain in November, but I don't think he deserved THAT. Sure, it looks like he didn't handle the situation very well from a PR standpoint, but criticism is different than a full-blown attack. I think David Letterman abused his "celebrity" on this one. Even though it seems most "celebrities" favor my candidate, it really bugs me that they use their "celebrity" to influence others. There are just enough dim-witted registered voters (I still think there should be a test before you get a ballot - ha) out there who would vote for Mickey Mouse if Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad or Chris Rock told them to do so.

Now - what do I personally think about the issue? I'm still sorting it out - but I do have a few opinions:

1. The thought of another "Great Depression" or anything even close to that leaves me shaking in my boots. We just sold our house....we just bought a new one....I don't know how to bake bread or make my own soap. I would not know how to take care of my family if I had to "live off the land." I'm of the generation where Home-Ec was cut from my school's budget - deemed an unnecessary.

2. I think something needs to be done. I don't like that the financial burden of a bailout falls on the taxpayer - but what's the alternative? I am just praying that this "fix" actually WORKS! I have yet to hear a plan that outlines what success looks like. Is it really going to fix things - or will the plan just function as a band-aid - allowing us to tread water for awhile?

3. I think John McCain's campaign should have returned Obama's phone call yesterday morning re: issuing a joint statement. Had that happened - we would be talking about fixing the economy and not the McCain and Obama phone call timeline. Whether or not he should or shouldn't suspend his campaign - I really don't have a strong opinion. Part of me thinks a potential President should be able to deal with a crisis AND continue with other major projects. Here's an idea - how about a VP debate this week instead? Let McCain and Obama return to Washington to deal with the "economic crisis" and let's see how their pinch-hitters do!

4. I'm curious what your thoughts are - especially about the economy. Is it really AS BAD as they are reporting - and have you done anything different in your lives as a result? Do you know how to make your own soap? Will you help keep my family clean? Do you have a spare bedroom we could live in if necessary?

5. The feelings I am fighting are similar to 9/11. Terror. However, I know that none of this is in my hands and prayer is the only thing I can do. Faith-tested.

6. I have spoken with my Grandparents - I have 4 of them who lived through our nation's Great Depression. The similarities ARE eerie here. What sort of nation are we to not learn from such mistakes? Surely this wouldn't happen again!

7. I think we all need to be praying more "God Bless America."

Clearly I am not an economist. I'm not schooled in political science. I am not a campaign strategist. I am just a stay-at-home Mom concerned about her family, her government, her country. I don't claim to know-it-all...probably shouldn't be giving my opinion here....but I wanted to throw it out there. Now I'd love to hear from you. Please tell me what YOU are thinking!


West Des Moines said...

Amen sister! I missed the Letterman thing? He isn't on until 11:30pm on the East Coast. btw I make my own soap and bread, we just moved to be near clean mountain water and am studying to be a naturopathic doctor :)
The only thing we are hearing about here is not having gas. Every gas station in Western North Carolina is out of gas within 1 hour of us.

M.A. said...

Let's take a soap making class together!

Politics hurt my head.